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March 24, 2011


Okay, so double post. I'm currently enjoying a beautiful blue drink (thanks world, for not still having a ban on alcohol. Mostly just vodka) and have edited my photos. They are now ready to be uploaded. First, I have to give a shout out to Mom, Dad and Garret because they have ALL contributed to my favorite things: photos.
All of them pitched in with purchasing lenses, tripods, photoshop, lightbox and more! You three people are awesome :)

So, since my last blog was exceedingly long, I'll leave you with just my photos. Yesterdays' first. It's a photo of a book someone got for Mom and it's about stress. It's cute and made me smile. The photo didn't get all the words, but I still like it. Mostly because I like the book.

And now, for today. My photo is obviously my blue drink! I have no idea if it's a good photo ..but it's blue, has vodka in it and I'm drinking it. So who cares?! If you know me at all, you recognize my complete love for blue drinks. The love is so strong I taught a Cuban bartender how to make my drink. Take that, Cuba.

Oh, one bonus photo before I leave you folks. The Morning Mashup is, seriously, the only reason I bother going to classes in the mornings. They are hilarious and if you have satellite radio, you should listen to them. If you don't, I guess good on you for supporting the local radio businesses ahaha. So today, Nicole from the show tweets a photo of Nerds (alongside blue drinks, Nerds are another favorite!) and I reply saying as much. She tweeted me back, isn't that just the sweetest thing?! Here's her reply:
I feel so famous. Hahaha it did seriously make me smile, as lame as that is!

Hope your night is going as completely fabulously as mine! Really, even half as fabulously would still be pretty great :) Either way, embrace it. You'll never have this night again!


Allison said...

love the photos...enjoyed today's blog xo

J Hodd said...

What's in your blue drinks?

Yvonne said...

Jess -vodka, blue bols ( and sprite! It is seriously delicious!

Jaimie said...

Mmmm, blue drink sounds yummy! I love the pic of it too :)

Anonymous said...

Love that pic of your mom's book - that quote is hilarious :D

Molly said...

It's a blue drink! :) And you know what else? It's blue!!!

Jake said...

Ok, I now know what alchoholic drink I am requesting for my 21st birthday :D

Brenna said...

I'm a fan of the self-motivation.
And the blueness.
And your fame!