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July 08, 2013

Sunshine& swimming

Notice any changes around the old blog? I got bored of my old layout ..considering I've had it for a little over 2yrs, it was to be expected! My new one isn't nearly as nice but it fits the fact that Cape Breton is having a hot, sunny summer so I'm keeping it! Once winter gets here, I'll probably loose my positive perspective and change it to something less happy ;)

I spent most of the nice days slaving away but I managed to get away this afternoon with Penny& Briar for some much needed play time in the water. I'll scatter some of those lovely photos throughout this post. Hopefully, they'll make you smile!

The pups had a serious blast chasing down the balls (and the occasional stick) in the water. Penny has been in the water a lot but this was only Briar's second time. The first time, he was pretty sure Border Collies were not meant for water because sheep don't swim ;) By the time we got to the shore this afternoon, he had completely changed his mind on the whole water thing. They spent about 90 minutes on the shore/ dock chasing things into the water& bringing them back. I think they were also happy to see one another after going almost a week without getting to play together!

Aside from playing with the puppies, I have been SERIOUSLY slacking on my running. I should actually put on sneakers and head out right now for a quick 5k ..key word here? Should. I am debating it but it's 8PM and the other two things who live here are fast asleep+ I just ate an entire thing of Smarties. Both of those facts are important because they are draining my motivation to do active things. Granted, Penny swam the whole afternoon so I suppose her activity quota has been met for the day. I just stood on the shore& watched and/or threw things for them to bring back to me. Does that count as 'active'?

I'm leaning towards no. I am making a pinky promise to myself& the people reading this (hello, empty space!) that tomorrow I will either lace up my sneakers or put on my bathing suit& make an honest effort to be able to finish that Disney half-marathon that's sneaking up on me.. January is still a long time away. I have to just keep reminding myself that I really, really want that finishers medal ..and running is fun. That's a lie I tell myself so I will actually go out the door and put in the effort. Sometimes, Penny gives me her best puppy eyes (see below) and that helps significantly with my running motivation. Because gearing up& heading out for a run actually is one of her favorite activities ..she is a crazy dog.

Let's get serious. How do you say no to that face? If anyone has a way, please. Let me know! I've had more almost-late mornings than since before we got her because she also gives me these eyes on early mornings when I'm leaving for work. The eyes say 'Stop doing whatever it is you are about to do. I am more important than that thing. Come to exactly what I wish we were doing. Now please.' I am a genuine sucker. I fall for it every. single. time. I have no willpower.

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