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July 05, 2013

Are you there, Summer?

It's me. Yvonne.

5 points to anyone who can guess what the title& first line of this blog post mean ;) It is SUPER HOT these last three days. I'm cautiously optimistic that summer may have finally decided to stay with us on this little island. I am fully enjoying all the heat because who knows how long it actually plans on sticking around for! My fingers are crossed for a long, long time. I think with all my running/ generally being outdoors/ having some sun exposure, I'm actually getting to be more human colored and less like flour.. or another pasty white thing.

So, I have been so busy since my last post. We went away to an agility trial& we managed to get another first place& pick up another Qualifying run! That means I have 4 altogether now so I, of course, had to start a ribbon wall.

Okay, so it is a pretty tiny ribbon wall so far but considering I've only been to three trials, I'm pretty happy with the end results! More to come before the summer is over I'm sure. Plus, I have about 12 first through fourth place ribbons. I am going to do something really fun with those but only wanted to hang the big ones for now. Do you guys compete in things? Do you collect your ribbons? If yes, do you know of any super awesomely creative ways to hang them? I hope to get some seriously great ones next summer& hanging them in photo frames.

The agility trial we went to was outdoors& considering it was Canada Day weekend, it didn't really go so well as far as the weather was concerned. It rained. Pretty much all weekend. About 65mm of rain fell between Friday evening& Sunday morning. It was also cold. And damp. The field turned into a swamp of mud ..very slippery mud. Thankfully, I managed not to fall. Others weren't so lucky.

The photo above doesn't do it justice. That was at 6AM on Saturday morning so it hadn't been run on yet. It got much, much worse as the day went on but I didn't have time to pick up my phone& snap another one. Take my word for it!

So, the moral of this story is that I had a lovely Canada Day. I hope you guys did, as well, and that you're in the same boat as me- summer :) I am now off to hang out with my pretty little red dog and get ready for another sunny, hot weekend. I know that I certainly won't be complaining anytime soon about this ..I think the weather got us mixed up with a much, much warmer climate. I hope it's a long time before it realizes& goes back to super crappy Cape Breton weather!

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