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June 27, 2013

Rainy afternoons

These are the worst. The kind of day where it feels like night when you wake up& just never seems to get any brighter. I've been tired since 7AM because of lack of vitamin D. It's only 8PM but I feel like I've been awake for months ..not to mention the fact that it is 10C out. Can you say chilly?! The dogs didn't seem to mind though. They spent 25 minutes at the beach swimming in the giant waves chasing after sticks.

What you just read? That was written yesterday. Apparently, it was such a miserable day I couldn't even bring myself to finish my blog post. Today the weather is more of the same but I have a lot of things to do. We are heading off for an agility competition tomorrow AM& I'm super excited. I am also, however, lacking the motivation to get off my bum. So instead I'm looking through phone photos& remembering when Penny was tiny& cute.

Sweet baby Penny with my sweet baby nephew, Grady! They were snuggled up watching Cars after a hard afternoon playing tug with each other. Now when they snuggle, there's a significant size difference! I guess I'll need to snap an updated photo for comparison.

Well, it seems like maybe today the sunshine will win out over the cold.. which means even worse things for my packing motivation. AND it all has to be done before 6PM because Garret& I have plans for dinner& a movie. It isn't looking too good for an early night. On the bright side, I did manage to get Penn's food packed& my camera charged. If nothing else, at least we won't starve& we'll even have photos of the event to return to you with!

With that, I'm now officially out of slacking time. Off to turn this possibly-sunny day into a productive one and then I'll be back on Tuesday afternoon with a recap of our agility adventures. Anyone out there in Truro want to come visit? Feel free long as you cheer for a brown Border Collie& me ;) Enjoy your Canada Day weekend, Canadian people! You Americans are almost to your national holiday. So keep holding out& maybe wear some red in honour of your northern neighbours!

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