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June 25, 2013


So, I finished the book I was reading the last time I was here. It was an absolutely lovely book& I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great summer read. I spent the last few sunny afternoons sitting on the deck, patting my puppy& reading! It was pretty much my ideal way to spend the days. I plan on more of the same for the rest of summer ...mixed in with some summer BBQs& drives in my favorite thing- the dune buggy.

Isn't that a great snapshot from last summer? A tourist took it for us& I have to admit that it's pretty much a prized memory. This summer is, fingers crossed, going to be more of the same from last year. It's starting off right ..with mostly sunshine& lots of heat! Along with all my great memories from last summer, I have some big goals to go with it-

1. Train for a half-marathon- seriously. I signed up for Disney& I have a 10k for October that the three girls who are running are doing together so we start in the same time corral in Disney! I am so looking forward to that trip. Does anyone out there have any great suggestions for stuff to do in/ around Disney? Or anyone reading this blog actually run the Disney half? Better yet, write up a blog post about it?

2. Win more ribbons- I wrote a post about the start of my agility love. I am so incredibly lucky to have Briar in my life. He's the best agility partner I could have ever asked for& considering I've only been training for 9 months, I find it hard to believe how far we've come! We have 3 Qs in 2 competitions& I look forward to filling my walls with big ribbons& first places ;)

Okay, it's super hot out& I have a hilarious panting red dog with her nose right up to the fan. I think I'll spend my sunny day off going for a walk, visiting the pet store& later, painting my new agility jump. At some point, I'll make a point to get a photo of my yard setup. With all the gear we have, Penn had better turn into an agility superstar ..and sooner, rather than later! For now, I'll be okay with just having lots of cuddle time& laughing at her silly puppy antics!

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