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June 20, 2013

Cinnamon Toast?

So, sunshine has decided to arrive on this little island. And it even brought along it's friend- warmth! I have been enjoying our new deck extremely during the afternoons& early evenings. How? By sitting outside& snuggling with Penny. When your summers are as short as Cape Breton summers, you certainly learn to spend as much of it outside as possible!

Is that not a thing of beauty? It's so nice to have a carpenter for a boyfriend. I say build it& then like magic, it's built! I should really be sure to thank him yet again for this particular build. I have been putting it to very good use by sitting outside& reading.. which brings me to my next subject. I needed a new book. I happened to be in Shoppers when I realized this& so a quick look around their little book section showed a very cute cover ..and yes, I do pretty much always judge my books by their covers! The book is called Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World. The font is cute& the graphic is a toaster. I know, right?! I was sold. I bought it on the spot& headed home, book in hand, to enjoy some quality deck& puppy time before heading out for a run!

Imagine my surprise when I opened the book& realized it was based in Nova Scotia! Even better? The author, Janet Cameron, was born in Nova Scotia. Granted, she now lives in Dublin, which is arguably much more exciting than here. Still, how fun! Except..

This is going to sound mean, but once I realized it was a novel written by a former Nova Scotian about Nova Scotia things, I cringed on the inside. I avoid 'local' books like the plague as they are usually either about a topic I find boring or are boring to read (local authors ..feel free to help change my perception! Send some Nova Scotia books/ author suggestions my way!). I changed into my comfiest Lulu Lemon clothes and prepared a snack for Penn& I to enjoy (what, you don't share snacks with your dog?!) while we lazed in the sunshine. I opened the book with a cautiously optimistic mind. On the bright side, I could always lend it to someone who cared about coal mining, local music& arts or whatever else this book was suddenly likely to be about.

I was more than pleasantly surprised. I only had enough time to get to pg 49 before we had to head out, but I was so enthralled I had a hard time putting the book down. I'm definitely someone that when they get into a book, they need to finish it yesterday. This is an absolutely fabulous book! Everyone should make a point to read this ..even if you aren't from Nova Scotia. I feel like finally, a novel that is very well-written and such a good story from my province. Sure, it's based here but it isn't about the local history, economy or any of those things I feel like I should be reading during school, not leisure! I can't wait for our very sunny, warm weekend to sit outside& thoroughly enjoy the rest of this book. If you read& like a good, real world story than this book is for you! The characters are so real.

And now, I have to go shower the sweat from my body& snuggle that pretty red puppy! And maybe eat some cinnamon toast because ..hello, delicious. Let me know if you have any great summer reads I should put on my list, especially if they are Nova Scotia authors.

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