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June 15, 2013

Party animals

So. I posted about cleaning (or procrastinating that) yesterday. Once I hit the publish button, I got my bum off my computer& got down to business. The place sparkled. Seriously, ask my boyfriend. It was so lovely ..for all of ten minutes. Then the children arrived and chaos ensued. We moved the couch. We moved the dresser. We took the photos off the walls. We put everything in a different spot. Then, we set up the backdrop. Rolled some white paper on it. Pulled out some props (thanks, Mom, for bringing those! They served us well) and proceeded to have too much crazy fun with all of it.

These two girls sure do know how to party! I also think they make pretty good rockstars. I have to admit hanging out with them makes me feel young at heart ..and very tired ;) They made a music video AND a movie trailer last night. When was the last time you did that much?! Last night I got to star in the trailer, along with Penny (who was the evil villain). I was the viking superhero who came in& saved the day. They got to dress me up anyway they wanted. So they found makeup, used it as a way to turn me into a man& a lot of laughs were had. Seriously.. we even managed to snag pretty much the most hilarious photo of myself that possibly exists. You'll have to let me know- do I make a good viking superhero man?! I'm inclined to say I make pretty much the best one ever ..then again, I'm also pretty biased. I did, after all, have the best makeup artists in the industry. They swore it was true ..and based on results, don't you believe them?

*I feel like the beer belly, fox tail& eye patch really add to my street cred. 
I am seriously the best non-relative ever ..these kids had better love me most!!

I know what you're thinking. You're wishing you HAD this much fun on Friday nights. So, tell me.. how did you spend last night? Did your adventures compare to mine? Are you 26& still playing dress up like you've never really bothered to grow up at all? I am and I have to admit, it makes for some pretty memorable times& some very serious belly laughs! If you have any kids that you can borrow for a night (heck, even if you own the kids ;) ), I suggest you scoop them up for a few hours& enjoy going back to your childhood.

Anytime it feels like I'm being too much of an adult, I just think about all the late nights, early mornings& sunny afternoons spent with these two (and my other not-quite-but-almost nephews) and instantly feel better! And tired. I'm not sure I comprehend how parents do it. The mere thought of spending all my days like that is exhausting ..which, I suppose, is why I'm the fun one. I've only got this gig as a part-time, temporary job. I can afford to be fun 24/7 and leave the true tasks of parenting up to someone who has the qualifications for raising babies ;)

All that said, I have to admit. It's nice to sit here, in my messy apartment, and just be able to enjoy snuggling MY child.. you know, that little red dog that I do so adore. Yeah, the weekend got to her too. We played at the dog park for 2.5hrs this morning& the kids needed her in almost every video scene& to be the star of their trailer. She's almost as grateful as I am that this place is returning to normalcy after 24hrs of chaos!

Happy weekend, everyone! Don't forget to kick off your shoes, put your feet up& relax! Even if you only have five minutes to yourself, take them. And then re-read this post& be glad you didn't have my weekend agenda ;)

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