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June 14, 2013


First things first. Halti. Does anyone out there that owns a dog have a dog that actually likes their Halti?! I took little Miss Penn for a run this AM. I had just gulped down some pre-workout energy& was ready to really rock a 12k run in the not-quite-afternoon almost-sun.

Well, the first 3k were lovely. We did 5:39, 5:17& 5:07 for those. Then it happened. Penn realized she was wearing the Halti. After that, I rotated between having her rub her nose on me, on the grass or on the pavement. I tried running with no Halti. No control. Put the Halti back on. She stopped, laid down, whined, tried to kill me by running in front of me& was just generally awful. I tried to keep running ..not even worth the effort. So we walked the last 2.5k home.  She normally runs in a harness& I know she hates the Halti but the hate has gotten a lot worse! What a waste of my morning run& workout drink. She is, however, contentedly sleeping on the bed so I'm figuring that my goal for the day has been accomplished. She's tired. I guess that makes this photo of Penn invalid-

Thankfully, a lazy Vizsla means that I can get this place cleaned up in anticipation of those little critters who will be coming to visit this evening. Or, you know, I could sit here writing blog posts& watching a little cheesy Canadian television. Oh, Heartland. Why do you have to be on Netflix& be sucking away all my time?! I suppose I even still need to shower ..the woes of being lazy when you have so much to do.

It really doesn't help that the sun has stopped shining, the temperatures dropped& my boyfriend went to work for the day. I could just sit here& snuggle a little red dog allllll afternoon ..I wonder if I can lock the door& tell the kiddies we aren't here?! Kidding, kidding. I should charge up the camera to make sure I have some funny photos for a blog post tomorrow/ to take to the agility field in the AM in case the weather is nice enough for us to go enjoy a run or two! We have been having serious crappy weather ..and we have a competition at the end of June. Time to buckle down& start getting ready for that. We need to come with just as many, if not more, ribbons than last time ;)

So, who out there has a dog& have you tried a Halti on them? Almost everyone I've spoken to has said that their dog either hates the Halti or it doesn't make any difference to their pulling. I have tried everything to convince her it's fun because she is much better behaved in the Halti than the harness, but I can't bring myself to have her wear something she hates so much so I deal with a little extra pulling. Any suggestions to get some Halti love for my pooch?!

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