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June 13, 2013


Or at least, my weekend is here. I feel like I earned tomorrow off. I plan on sleeping in, running a few kilometres& then hanging out with four crazy kids on the deck making craft projects. Is it sad I'm super excited for that?! As long as no one shows up to my house before 11AM. I refuse to move before that moment in time, even if I'm awake at 6:30AM.  I am definitely hoping for some funny kid antics& funny photos to come from all of it. If only everyone could have as much happiness, energy& imagination as the kids that will soon be in my world. I have some hilarious memories from a Christmas with them ..and some blackmail worthy photos of myself if they ever fall into the wrong hands!! We made 'music videos' from about 8PM- 2AM ..while I may or may not have drank about half a pint of vodka. Let's just say things got progressively more laughable. Oh, and don't worry! I wasn't drunk, the kids are all old enough to survive my casual drinking& I'm a totally fun drunk ;)

In an honest effort to get back into the blogging world, I'll go back to participating in some blog linkups ..I had to dig a little because a lot of the ones I've been using have died in my many months away from this lovely little space! So, here's to new linkups, new blogging buddies& some motivation to keep this place going ..I think posting this sweet little pup, Regan, will definitely help everyone feel happy about my return ;)

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I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for some more current linkups! 

Seriously. How adorable is this pooch? I'm posting this photo because it has been mostly rainy& miserable on this island so I feel like a photo from a sunny beach day will help perk me up. It's definitely working. Although, this pup would perk me up even if it was a photo of her in the rain! I think puppies are just generally good for the soul! Can anyone guess what breed this pretty little thing is? First correct answer gets ..nothing. Just the excitement over being able to guess correctly. Sorry for the crappy prize!

For now, it's time for me to go grab a red dog& snuggle under the blankets. Another rainy day, another run workout not completed. I should probably go back into the pool this evening& at least get a few laps in before today turns into tomorrow.. but, I'll hold off in the hopes of a sunny tomorrow& a lovely afternoon run before the kids show up& the BBQ gets fired up!

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