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August 10, 2013

Kennel cough& marriage

I was so busy the month of July. We had a trial at the end of the month that was a big one so we spent a LOT of time training. A lot. Did it all pay off? Of course! There were 60+ dogs there& we ended up taking third overall in our division. My little brown Border Collie made me so, so proud.

Look at that smiley face& all those red ribbons! The big green one is our giant third place overall. We clearly rocked that trial. There's only 6 months until my red Vizsla is competing& hopefully winning some ribbons herself! I'm so looking forward to our next season with two dogs.

Aside from that, we were supposed to be putting on a show at a local event this coming week on Thursday& Saturday. Then Penny got kennel cough. She got it Thursday& put a serious damper on our plans. She is now quarantined until further notice. She was going to do all her tricks& an agility demo. I'm still going to emcee the event, now it's just less fun because I won't have an actual dog to run in it. Briar will be run by his real owner so it looks like I'm seriously out of luck, unless someone has a random dog trained in agility that they want to lend me?! ..that's what I thought. Oh well, here's to next year! I'm sure someone will snap some photos of us doing agility& I'll pretend when I write about the event that I was incredibly witty& everyone loved me ;) Mostly, I just hope my pretty red dog feels better ASAP and we can get back to our regular life! Sitting at home, staying away from other dogs is definitely the pits for her.. not to mention that completely awful cough. My poor baby.

So, if you're sick of reading about dogs, the next part of this post is about weddings. Every. single. person. I. know. is. getting. married. Seriously. I feel like the only person not engaged or already married. I know two of my good friends aren't married, either, but that is not important. What's important is that every other person beside them is or is in the process of that occurring. I don't even want a wedding. I want what that image above says. To run away somewhere fun with the dog& have a great day with some beautiful photos taken& then BOOM! Mail people these little cards to have a party with blue drinks& boardgames ..okay, maybe no boardgames. I cannot even imagine planning an entire wedding& spending that much money on it. If I'm going to blow 20 grand, it's going to be on one hell of a summer doing agility& traveling! Not a white dress, feeding people I don't even know& having people stare at me while I awkwardly dance with my significant other. I think I'd rather be in the highlands, in the woods. My parents can come and probably the person I marry can have their parents there as well. Then, we can have Miss Penny, a photographer& the person who says the wedding things (officiant?). That is 8 people& 1 dog. Afterwards, I suppose you go out for a celebratory supper& then have a party a month or so later. That seems genuinely perfect.. for me, at least!

So, people would normally say they have wedding fever but I have elopement fever. I don't need to go anywhere fancy& I don't want a huge event ..I just want people who love me& pretty photos! And to have a party with alcohol& a photo booth. Let's be honest. Those are the only parts that matter to your guests anyway. Sure, vows are sentimental (or awkward), the food is delicious (or awful) and the toasts are hilarious (or awkward). So much room for awkward in the parts before we get drunk& dance the night away! Let's skip the awkward and just have drinks on a beach with a ghetto blaster. Because, clearly, I want to get married in 1990. Or, you know, at some point. Soon?

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