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August 20, 2013

Agility video

So, Penn is finally over her kennel cough. It only took 12 days. In honor of that, yesterday I drove to my parents to meet up with a friend who is thinking about a Vizzy in her future. She met a Vizsla after she was on house arrest for 12 days& still was considering one at the end of our walk. I'd say that's pretty impressive.. Penny did her very best to run/ swim/ chase birds nonstop. I'm pretty sure poor Sam didn't even get a chance to pat her until we were back at the house. So funny! I didn't take my camera to the beach so I don't have any photos of psycho Penn. Post-beach, though, we decided to stay at the house. We hung out in the yard for awhile and then I decided to setup a course for Penn.

She hasn't seen agility equipment in 11 days so I wasn't expecting much in terms of focus& taking direction. Well, my little girl sure did surprise me! She was a PRO. I am still over the moon. I had mom come out& videotape us just in case it all went well& I was not let down at all. I'm SO excited for the moment she can start trials. I'm not one to wish the winter on us, but man am I excited for February!

Doesn't she look like an old pro in this video? My reward for all her hard work was a pop bottle ..she's an odd dog who works for strange rewards. Pop bottles are cheap so I'm certainly not complaining. Except I have an entire arsenal of other, expensive toys that are just now collecting dust because the red dog works for bottles& balls. And treats. After we were done with all our training, I gave the red dog a break. She ran over to the table& proceeded to just relax. Seriously ..doesn't she understand the agility equipment is supposed to be exciting?! Briar would never relax on the equipment. Briar would never relax anywhere, but that's beside the point!

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I don't mind though because my goodness she looks some beautiful relaxing in the golden light of the sunset! I think you would be hard pressed to find a more classically beautiful dog. Okay, so maybeeee all Vizslas look the same but still. Penn is extra pretty ;)

Considering yesterday was Monday, it was a pretty stellar one in my books! How did you guys spend your Monday? Was it more or less fun than my day?

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