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August 19, 2011

La Quaintrelle

Hey, folks :) Exhibition has been a blast. I've got a full explanation of what it is exactly along with some great photos in the near future for you guys! Also, I've officially ridden one of the 4 Haflingers :D She was fabulous and quiet as could be. The photos are on Crystal's camera though so it may be awhile before you get to see them. I'm going to ride again tomorrow AM so I'll try to remember to bring along the dSLR, or at least my memory card.

This post, however, isn't about any of that. It is about something awesome! Does anyone remember my blogging friend, Meghan (I'd link to it but apparently she made it private and I can't read it so neither can any of you aha)? Well she had a blog called La Vie Quaintrelle. She hasn't blogged in months but she had a good reason ...she was busy setting up her very own shop! Isn't that exciting?

La Quaintrelle main page.
You're interested already, aren't you?

It features dresses and vintage accessories so far and is pretty awesome looking, if I do say so myself. You guys should head on over and see if anything in her pretty little store catches your eye. Her description reads:
La Quaintrelle is a smart and chic clothing boutique for the modern woman. Vintage-inspired, indie & one-of-a-kind pieces.

So, basically if you are a modern woman who wants to be seen as smart& chic, it would be imperative you check out her site& continue to check back because she's just getting this site launched ..meaning there's lots more goodies to come your way! I hope you guys check her out. You can even like her facebook page and show her some support! While you're at it, like my page too ;D

Seriously, folks!
Check this lady& her shop out.

So this is my quick little update from me to you. I promise I will return with some great photos of what the exhibition is all about and why I am spending so much time there that I've even put blogging off the table for this week. On the upside, it only comes once a year and next year I won't also trying to be fitting in teaching 4 Haflingers some manners. Hopefully they'll all have them by then!! Oh another reason for lack of blogging? Gorgeous weather! The island finally realized what time of year it is& sent us some sunshine!

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