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August 21, 2011

Playing catch up

Sorry guys. Blogging at HalfPastWonderful is officially back to regular starting now! The exhibition was fabulous .. I took lots of photos for my post tomorrow to show you guys just what it was that sucked me away from blogging. It also was fabulous weather allll week& looks like it's continuing based on the fact that today is gorgeous& sunny!

So today's post will be quick and involve Friday Snaps& Two-Faced Tuesday! I'm so sorry these didn't make it up as regularly scheduled ..I wasn't home long enough to upload& edit all week! So to start with, here is my latest installment of Two-faced Tuesday [100 Strangers Project]

Isn't this cute?
Sweet step dancing!

So this is a girl who step dances. I actually asked her her name& now, of course, I forget it. Two-faced Tuesday may have to start including some kind of note taking for situations like this. She is in grade 11 and goes to the local high school. She danced to Avril Lavigne and everybody loved her! Seriously, she was completely fabulous. She has been dancing since she was 6 and it showed. Everyone was talking about her around the exhibition and the crowd watching them was crazy! Along with her, there were also some cute little kiddie highland dancers who were adorable. Something about little kids& plaid is just hard to beat. The little kids danced to the Highland Fling cute!

So, now that Two-faced Tuesday is out of the way? Up next is Friday Snaps[3]! I'm only 2 days late on this one so that's sort of a perk .. here is my shot& it sums up my weekend fabulously! It's seriously what I spent ALL week doing. Can you guess?'s a photo of the exhibition! Well, more specifically, it's a photo of the Zipper. 'Why the Zipper?' is a question you're probably not asking yourself but I'm going to answer it anyway. When I was a young little sweet girl at the tender age of 3, my mother somehow convinced the carnies to let me on the ride. I'm not sure how, seeing as I am sure I didn't meet the height requirements mom is a very persuasive and I was very cute with my blonde curls. So off we went to ride the Zipper. Mom had to keep her hand on the top of my head so I wouldn't bounce completely off the seat! Then of my shoes fell off and she couldn't catch it so it was flying around inside the little compartment we were in until she got it. Thank goodness Mom is good at multitasking! We survived and, surprise surprise, I wanted to go right back on it. I couldn't though, because at this point the person who let me on the ride was gone& there was a meaner guy who wouldn't fall for my sweet curls. Sad day.

So now that you know that sweet little memory from my much younger days, here is the photo:

I was a tough 3yr old.
Would YOU ride this ride?!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to ride it this year. Not because I'm a pansy but because all of my friends who went to the exhibition with me refused to get on any rides! They claimed motion sickness comes with age. I was going to go on a few rides with my cousin, but I couldn't find him so instead I spent my entire ex week without riding any rides! Oh well, ate enough cotton candy to make up for lack of rides! So there. I'm officially caught up. Congratulations if you're still with me& read all this!


Jaimie said...

Haha, I went to the county fair last week, a mini version of your Exhibition and I refused to go in the zipper, that thing terrifies me! But I did go on this other crazy ride and complained that it moves a lot faster when you are on it and being flung around in the air than watching from the ground haha. I was dizzy for forever after it! Good times!

Yvonne said...

Hahaha I think they always move faster when you're actually in them!!

Hope you took photos of the event so I'll be able to have a peek at them ;D