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August 17, 2011

Expect delays

Yes, expect delays! A post today didn't happen. I was reading a book, eating some BBQ and then heading to the exhibition. It's 12.37AM (so I guess really, a post yesterday didn't happen) and I am just getting in. I am also exhausted.

Never fear though ..I have a Two-faced Tuesday shot and, because I'm a quick learner, I even have a Friday Snap! I am, however, also on the Mac. Which isn't my laptop. And therefore doesn't have editing software. So my photos are staying on my camera for now. Tomorrow starts Crystal's vacation+ is her birthday so things may stay slow around here until Sunday morning. Sorry, folks! Exhibition only comes once a year and the weather is even nice for this years.

Sorry for my incredibly boring post .. it doesn't even include any photos. What a waste, I know but I figured I'd explain my lack of being around here and lack of commenting on your folks blogs!

XO enjoy your week :)


Sarah Y. said...

What exactly is the exhibition?

Yvonne said...

Hahahah Sarah this question has inspired my next post!