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August 15, 2011

Oh no..

Cape Breton has returned to it's previously scheduled weather. It's cloudy& overcast here today and not really warm at all. Anyone who knows anything about this place, though, knows that every time the exhibition rolls into town so does the bad weather! Yup .. it has been this way for years and years.

Speaking of the exhibition, I hope someone will come walk around with me this evening seeing as I have to grab some photos of a stranger in order to do installment #2 of 100 Strangers! I have been repeating to myself all day 'Must ask stranger for photo. Must ask stranger for photo.' and thinking I need a business card to hand to them so they can get their photo when it's posted. LOL! Just kidding on the last part. Mostly I'm just hoping I can get a shot for tomorrow ..keep your fingers crossed for me!

I may just say frig it& go up myself with my camera. Nothing says creeptastic like walking around alone with a giant camera& taking photos of random people ..amiright?! It could be fun. Maybe I'll even take the puppers and get a giant bag of cotton candy. Okay this is quickly sounding like a really good idea. Now, if only the rain will hold off! So aside from my excitement over the exhibition.. I snapped a few quick photos of a dinky that Mom bought the other day.

Why is my mom buying dinkies when there is no one in the house under the age of 19? Because she loves them! She was looking for a Mini but, sadly, there were none. So instead she settled for a cute little purple car!

It's pretty cute. I have a soft spot in my heart for miniature things so of course, I love dinkies. It's also why I love VW Beetles, Mini Coopers, Miatas& Crossfires. They are small sized real life cars! I cannot wait until the boyfriend finished the VW he's been working on for foreverrr! Until then I'll content myself with taking photos of toy cars when the inspiration strikes.

Enjoy your Monday :D


Anonymous said...

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Anne U said...

Really like that first shot.

Yvonne said...

Thanks, Anne :)