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May 21, 2011

Going down?

I probably am.

My dog is sitting here crying at me .. I'm fairly certain he knows the end is near.

How are you spending your last few hours on earth? Obviously, I'm blogging and watching Say Yes to the Dress. Such a dedicated late night watcher of this show.

My girlfriend Meg trained for a 10k. Too bad it's on Sunday and she'll be dead. Or maybe she'll be hanging with Jesus. I don't know how she spends her Sunday mornings.

How are you spending your last day alive? So many options little time. I hope you all write a blog post. What a fun train to hop on. I'm all about the bandwagon baby!


J Hodd said...

I actually started a blog!

Meghan said...

HAHA. See you down under, lady friend. said...

I'm relaxing, finally! I think it's the best way to spend the last day of the world. :)

Yvonne said...


Meg -I always knew you'd be joining me ahaha

SFD - Absolutely :) It's how I want to spend my evening!