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May 20, 2011

Happy Friday!

Today we have yet ANOTHER sunny day on this little island. Life is pretty fabulous :) I woke up .. hung outside with the pups and then ate a delicious red velvet cupcake (perhaps not on the training diet plan, but it was so good surely the calories don't count?!), which I've documented for your enjoyment / insane jealousy!

So pretty& delicious!

The whole thing. 
It was massive.

So, today was going to be a rest day. Considering that I just ate probably 500 calories in the form of a cupcake ..I'm thinking I need to get some physical activity in. Plus it's beautiful out. And my brother just started playing the drums. I'm cutting this blog post short to go ride a pony.

Hope you enjoyed the red velvet cupcake :)

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