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May 21, 2011

Still here, Jesus!

Jesus missed me. I'm confused. I spent last night reading my bible and saying my prayers. I thought for sure that I was going to be on your good list?! I expected my ride this afternoon to look more like this:

Sorry Dewey. You're on your own.
Sucks to not be raptured, eh?

Instead, shockingly, I'm still here. As is everyone I know. Weird how that happens, eh? I'm thinking there is still hope for me. We still haven't had an earthquake .. Jesus probably just hadn't been able to land his plane in the fog on my island. Here's hoping the weather improves so that we can be raptured. Especially my dog. He definitely deserves to be chillin' in heaven.

So, were YOU raptured?! Are you writing your next blog post in heaven with some awesomely fast high speed and free movies?! Or, like me, are you still stuck on earth? Enjoy your day of judgment, ladies& gentlemen!

Edit- blogger FINALLY gave me back all my lost comments. I guess the rapture made them nervous too. Didn't want to go with unfinished business.


Jessi said...

I apparently did not make the cut either. Although I'm not sure I was suposed to...but I thought for sure my dogs would be laughing at me from heaven right now.

Rapture schmature. There hasn't been an earthquake yet!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I figured I'd know if the rapture really would happen by checking to see if my mom was still here. She'd definitely be one of the first to go. She's still here.

I feel bad for the people that thought it was gonna happen, they must feel silly now.

Margo said...

Yes. Yes, I was raptured.

J Hodd said...

That pic is so freaky!