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May 22, 2011

Post-rapture wrap up

Well .. regardless of what happens now I can put on my resume that I survived my first official rapture! GO ME! And go all you blog readers who also weren't holy enough (or whatever) to be taken naked into the sky. Random note -why can't we take our underwear? If I'm going to be in a new place with all kind of people I don't know, I at least want my underwear.

Since I had escaped fate once already, I tempted it a second time by taking Dewey on his first trail ride. Couldn't have asked for better behavior. Man .. Jesus really wants to keep me alive. I, normally, would think this is a good thing but given the circumstances? He must REALLY want me to know I'm not making it to heaven no matter how hard I try to get myself there. Ugh. Jesus, you're such a jerk.

Also, post-rapture weather is very. cold. We needed mittens to ride outside. This is psycho. Some warmer weather would be greatly appreciated. Tomorrow is Hiking Day (or Queens Day or something if you don't live in my town) so in honor of that, allow me to present to you Classified.

Tried so hard to find the song where the lyrics go 'Northside ..where we all enjoy the hiking day!' but was futile. So, here is what it is like to live in the Maritimes. Enjoy :) How are you spending your long weekend?!


Jessi said...

You are hilarious!

It does seem strange you can't bring your whitey tighties with you...

stoppingfordaisies said...

Ha that is funny. Good question, I'd like to wear my clothes to heaven please.