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April 05, 2011

A great day.

If you enjoy rain and no sunshine. Oh well, at least the weather man tells me it's supposed to only drizzle for the next few days& today will reach 12°C. Whether or not I believe, that is another story. Oh well, I remain hopeful and the weatherman continues to provide me with less& less reasons for doing so.

Wing Night
I don't eat wings. Or drink beers. Despite this, I still find myself ending up at wing nights more often than would make sense given these 2 things. Instead I order a beautiful blue drink and that was it. I never managed to have food, but not for my lack of trying. The little man taking orders didn't bother to ask me. So, I hunkered down& focused on the excitement that was last night. I paid $5 to gamble on the championship college ball game. I lost. Although Josh won, so that was exciting. And then the team that I had wanted to win (Butler) lost. So, really ..if last night was a night that I was rooting for you, you weren't going to be doing that well. Oh well, it was a fun evening! I always appreciate when I go to wing nights& sports I like are the event.

Voodoo dolls
So, you all remember my obsession with these things? My sheer joy from beating the system and getting these dolls for $1 instead $2? Yes. Well. It gets better. The other night, boyfriend& I rented the Fighter. I told you about this. Well, I forgot to mention that we also purchased 2 more voodoo dolls. They are awesome, I forgot them in his Jeep. Best part? He only had 2 quarters. He tells me to try them. I tell him it will never work, but try anyway. Guess what folks? IT WORKED. I can now get EIGHT dolls for the advertised price of one. It would be safe to say that I am ecstatic. Suddenly owning a gaggle of these dolls seems cheap& doable. If you have any ideas on how I should store / display / show off these things, please. Help me out. For the life of me, I don't know what I'm going to do with them! I love them. I won't stop buying them, especially for 25 cents a pop.

Ahh.. fit test. You made me sweat last night. It was nice to have officially exercised again though! I have an appointment with my chiropractor today, who will fix up my incredibly sore shoulder, hopefully quickly, and then I'll be ready to tackle the remaining 59 days. I am decidedly back on the fitness train, with no plans of getting off any time soon. Why do I always seem to fall off the wagon right around the same time the general public will see me in a bathing suit? Oh well, Shaun T. I'm back in your loving arms. Sculpt my body, please. I'm even going to eat your diet. Mostly because I love carbs. And pancakes. Yumm.. I'm going to dye them colors& maybe they'll be my photo of the day.

Yes, I'm taking a break from my all-about-me blog to include you, the person currently reading this. I hope that you are enjoying my blog (I know I sure am) and that you love it. If you have any brilliant ideas for how to make it better / prettier / funnier (wait, who could make it funnier than me?!) / special features .. just drop me a line& let me know! Interactive blogging is fun ..I don't know how to do it or if it even exists, but how I imagine it is fun! For now, the actual layout / comment section is boring, but I'm pretty sure I'm not advanced enough to change any of that. Let me know and I'll do my best!

My girlfriend who won the blog contest? Yeah, we're getting together soon for a morning filled with funny adventures at a local coffee shop. There will be an interview, some photos, a general sense of hilarity and the end result? Hopefully a very funny update on how the world is treating my very first contest winner! I'm going to try to make it happen for either tomorrow or Thursday! Keep your fingers crossed, pretty people :)

Photo of the Day
Yeahh ..sorry guys, I don't have any yet. However, I will post back later this evening while I watch the Lakers game with both my photos. Today& yesterday. I pinky promise! Since I have no photos for you, I will instead leave you with some older photos I have taken. No, it's not part of the 365. These weren't even taken BY me, but they are OF me. They also include one of my most favorite& missed things -Shyann <3 Yes. I am missing my pony.

Actually, this photo includes all kinds of things I miss: that family& especially those kiddies, summers at the barn and my pony!

My favorite photo of myself& my girl!

And one of my favorite photos of us! I will always have a soft spot for my girl :)

I hope you enjoyed me& Shy as much I enjoyed looking through all my old photos to find these gems. I hope she is loving her new life in PEI at a show barn.

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