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April 05, 2011

Meghan& Buddy

These two showed up here for some photos! Thanks for braving the wind& drizzle. We ended up with some pretty cool shots, overall. Meg had asked me if we should still do the shoot, since it was overcast. I quickly told her of course we should ..having absolutely NO idea what kind of difference overcast shots would make. Turns out, it's basically perfect conditions for portraits. So, ahead we forged. Buddy& Squirt have a love / hate relationship and there are no photos of them being in love. I managed to capture one, but you can see the fear in Squirt's eyes from being so close to such a huge dog. Poor Buddy, he just wanted a friend! Squirt does not play well with others. I have to mention I didn't get my photos of the day done for today or yesterday. Sorry, there ended up being a lot of good shots from today and I figured these were more fun. Now I'm photoshopped out and so you'll get 3 photos from me tomorrow .. plus lots of other things. Mostly, I can't believe I got this all done before the Lakers game!

So, what else happened since my original post this AM? Let's see...

My poor Civic is broked :( The boyfriend, thankfully, is both mechanically inclined and very sweet. He is going to fix her for me and he drove me home so that I could have a photo shoot with Meggy! Thanks, boyfriend :) So, it's the brake caliper that needs to be fixed. Who is impressed I even remembered that?! I am. Hopefully it will be back on the road tomorrow, but if not my other options aren't too awful. Either the Mini or dad's new Civic! I suppose I won't be complaining too much if I have to take one of those instead ;)

He told me that my shoulders were awful. He knew I'd be back. And I need to see him everyday for the rest of this week. Then he did a few of my favorite things! First, he laid me down. He took some needles. He stuck them in me. He ran electrical impulses through them. Mmmm electric acupuncture, I have truly missed you in my life!! Then, he folded my body into weird positions (previous to experience with a chiropractor, I would have said my body would never fold like that) and cracked my shoulders / neck / back. Life was great. It always is at first. Then comes the post-chiropractor pain. So now I'm laying here, having overexerted my shoulder as per usual, in pain. Oh well, they will feel about 100 times better in another week or so. If you have chronic pain, go see a chiropractor! They're great. Just make sure you trust them, because apparently they can paralyze you. You even have to sign a waiver ..oddly, this didn't even slightly deter me. Clearly, I was desperate.

Meg& Buddy
Here you go ..hope you love them!


Anonymous said...

Photos look great babe! Good job!

The boyfriend

Brittany said...

love love love the pics of of meg and buddy! BEAUTIFUL:)

Meghan F. said...

They turned out amazing, Yvonne! Me and Buddy love them! :)

Yvonne said...

Aww you are all too kind! I'm glad you like 'em Meggy :)