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April 04, 2011

Sunny Monday!

Yes, folks .. the sun is shining! It is still very cold out there though, so it's not a completely spring day. Mittens& big coats are still a must if you're going to be outside for any length of time :( Oh well, cold& sunny is better than cold& rainy / snowy / cloudy.

Last night, Momma& I curled up with the Mac to watched this movie. It was pretty good! It talked about parenting ..incentives ..crime rates ..choosing names &lots of cool information. Neat to see it from an economists view. I had always assumed they did nothing of interest for me, but I was wrong! I would definitely encourage watching it! We also had some peanut butter cups. YUM. Although, make sure you take off the wrappers first. Oops.

So, this is an issue I've had forever. Probably because I weirdly notice eyebrows more than anyone else. I love good eyebrows and hate bad ones. I rotate between good& bad myself, so I'm not judging. It's hard to stay on top of those pesky things when you're busy. For a long time, I had really. bad. brows. I have conquered this. You should too. My main topic is this trend of over plucking. It started a long, long time ago back when I was a wee tenth grader. I noticed it then and am slowly re-noticing it. I really hope it isn't planning on taking over the world again :| Here is an example (cropped to protect the poor person who doesn't have strict enough facebook privacy settings):
Perpetual surprise?!
Please. Avoid this look at all costs. Thank you.

So, all kinds of people all around me are either popping the question or saying yes to it. My mother is constantly amused by my aversion to all things wedding-related. Is anyone else in this age group (20 - 29) also amazed by the fact that people all around you (maybe even you) are growing up into adults?! Well this fact is one thing that always shocks me when my friends are tying the knot (ps, congrats all you guys!), there is another thing besides the sheer adult-like behavior. What, you ask?
THE PLANNING! Oh. my. god. It seems like it would be time consuming, exhausting and so not worth the energy& money. All of that effort for one day? Wowza. So, since my wedding would be so much different from a conventional wedding, I decided to show you guys how I would want mine to go. Don't get me wrong, I do want to get married. I would just prefer it not cost an arm& leg, involve lots of people looking at me and a lot of my time.

My wedding
So, here are the things that MY (because let us never forget, this blog is all about me!) wedding need:
1. A beautiful ring. Preferably from here. Nothing traditional. No plain white diamond for me. I like color!

2. Beautiful photos. I love beautiful photos (in case you couldn't tell) and I want some. Although I want them to be fun and funky. And not in a dress ..because I don't ever plan on wearing a white dress. Again, the whole color thing.

3. Elope. Yes, that is correct. I want to plan nothing. I'd love to wake up one morning ..get engaged ..get married a week or so later. I'm simple. I want to get married in skinny jeans& a cardigan. We can do photos another time. I don't need presents or money .. I don't need people to throw me all kinds of showers / parties. Which reminds me ..

Bachelor Parties haven't been single since WELL before this party. Hence, my complete lack of understanding of these things. If someone can explain them to me, I'm willing to listen& try to understand. Overall, I think they are incredibly dumb, stupid and people who want them thrown tend to be obnoxious and overbearing. Sorry if that's you. This is a major pet peeve. And those stupid slogans:
My time to mingle, as it's my last night single 
Last fling, before the ring
One more night lets do it right

And others. Oh god, just kill me. So, moral of the story -I want to get married. I just want to elope with a beautiful ring, beautiful photo memories& someone who loves me lots! Since those are the only things that last longer than the days, anyway.

Photo of the Day
Okay, so longest post ever maybe? Sorry. I just had to get the eyebrow& wedding things out. Wedding turned into a rant, for which I apologize. I think it's all funny though. On that note, here is my photo of the day. It's jesus (I think?).

I hope you enjoy my day 60 photos. It's from yesterday. Perhaps later tonight, I will update with my photo from today :) Enjoy your Monday could be worse, since it's almost over now!


Sarah Kelly said...

Haha The stuff about eyebrows made me laugh. I am also very meticulous about my eyebrows and have gotten compliments about them on more than one occasion (probably from other eyebrow-focused people)!

Mary said...

oh my gosh, the eyebrow thing is something I notice all the time as well! I have naturally dark, full eyebrows (which have always clashed with my blonde hair) & have kind of always been obsessed with making them perfect. However, I think lately I have fallen into the overpluck category based on some pictures I've seen. I am trying to let them grow back though so I never end up on someone's blog as a "don't"

Teacup Woozy said...

It's not Jesus, but you're close: it's his mother.

I don't do anything to my eyebrows. What grows there grows there; what does not does not. :P

Yvonne said...

So glad I'm not the only eyebrow obsessed person! And I think we all fall into overplucking from time to time long as we recognize& repent. Hahahah

PS thanks Teacup! I knew I was on the right track at the very least!