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April 03, 2011


I'm not at work :) Life is great. I will proceed to give a recap of my life& also at some point I will include some photos of the day. I promise. My internet is on the fritz, more so than usual even+ there is an LA game on. So this update may take hours! Now, onto the topics!
*Edit: It did take hours. Our internet is working again though and I've since gone for tea with Margy, watched the Lakers lose (wah wahhh) and have updated the colors. Let me know how you feel about these!

It was fun .. the food was decent. I got a funny certificate. Best Wheels& Curls. It made me laugh. We got dressed up ..took some cute photos ..then I edited them so they are even cuter. Allow me to add some to spruce up my post!

Good friends& good times!

The boyfriend :)

Garret& I skipped out on partying and instead had a feast of junkfood. It started with an Orange Julius. It went downhill from there. We got a movie + chips + pop at Blockbuster. I didn't have any pop and had very few chips because I only eat chips with flavor on them& these didn't have many. We also got some treats from the Bulkbarn. Oops. Guess that it is time to return to my schedule of working out& eating healthy. Either way, it was all delicious except that we rented The Fighter. I have no idea if the movie was any good because the dvd was broken. Perfecto. Instead we watched Jurassic Park (I think)& I promptly fell asleep!

Photo of the Day
So, welcome to the point where I include lots of photos here. There are 3 days+ today that I owe you. Alrighty. Let me start by saying I may or may not have the photo for today. I do, however, have photos from the previous days.

So 2 of my photos are ice cream themed. Even though it's freezing cold out there, I still find myself wanting ice cream& eating it. YUM. First up, the Lick-A-Teat! I will have to get a Lick-A-Chick one at some point!

So, now next one is from an ice cream place. It's the cute little cone that sits on top of it! With a little help from photoshop! Can't decide if I like it or not, but I'm posting it anyway. Spent way too much time on photoshop today between banquet photos& 365 photos! Can you guess where it's from?

And lastly, is my sweet little ladybug wallet :) She's just as cute as can be! I love her. She is also day 59 of my 365!! Who ever thought I'd make it this far?! I know I certainly thought both my blog AND my project would be long ended by now. So, thanks for visiting to keep me wanting to keep writing this thing! I hope I'm at least mildly entertaining you!

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Allison said...

ice cream thought make me cold.....lady bugs make me smile!!