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September 01, 2011


In case you don't own / know how to read a calendar or missed the memo, today is September 1st. Isn't that exciting? I have the house and the weekend to myself entirely as of early tomorrow morning! My parents are moving the brother back to university& my boyfriend is working then heading off to a motorcycle rally (or, at least, I think he is). Anyone have any good ideas on how to spend a weekend alone?!

Fighting horses maybe?
No.. probably not but you never know!

I think some of it will be spent trying to figure out photos for this scavenger hunt because as the week wears on, it's fairly apparent that I still have 0 of the 5 required. Or, actually, that's a lie. I have 1. GO ME. 20% is better than 0%! So I guess I have made minimal progress towards my goal. I also may have a little giveaway coming up for you guys ..just have to check& make sure it's still going ahead!

Hey, look!
It's my boy, Poptart.

And no, the giveaway doesn't involve Poptart ..although I sort of wish it did since I could totally fix the contest so that I'd win ;) I don't think any of my bloggy readers want a 2yr crazy Haflinger anyway, do you?! Didn't think so! If you look around the blog, you might be able to find a hint to what the giveaway is. If you leave a correct comment, then perhaps you'll get an extra chance to win start looking and let me know what you think!

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J Hodd said...

UMM... horses? photographs? facebook? this is tricky...