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August 31, 2011

On the hunt

For what? For some really great ideas for my list of items on the scavenger hunt! So far I've accomplished 0 of them ...yup, I rock. I did, however, accomplish eating strawberries& whipped cream, some pasta& soon some healthy cookies! I made a cake batter pizzert yesterday& that came out alright so I'm super hoping the cookies taste as delicious as they look in those photos. My cake batter pizzer did not.

Today, in an attempt to check something off that list, I tried really hard. Mom brought home Jones soda. I know, I know. I just had a photo up of one but this time there were 3 colors& so I threw them all in the lightbox. At first I was determined to make one of the photos work for my 'abstract' photo but I just am not skilled enough. More specifically, what IS an abstract photo? Can I take a photo of an abstract painting? No? Oh well. I tried!

So now instead of being able to say I checked something off my scavenger hunt list, all I can say is I have some okay-ish photos of 3 bottles of pop. I don't even drink the stuff. Or, at least, not that frequently. I may indulge in the occasional white cream soda. Only because it's like crack though. Thankfully, Mom didn't bring any of the good stuff home and I will faithfully remain a non-pop drinker for a few more months. Do you guys drink pop? Do you have a favorite kind? Mostly I like things because they are pretty. My number one rule is that I must, at the very least, find it cute (except my dog, obviously). Hence my liking of Jones! I have no use for Coke or Pepsi (except Pepsi throw back) because well ..they're boring. Sorry, faithful one-or-the-other drinking readers I have out there!

Thankfully for you folks, that's really all I have to say on the subject of soda ;) My cookies just came out of the oven& I'm ready to go outside for a bit with the pup before I go for an evening tea. Before you go though, I'm going to leave with 2 more photos!

Phew! You made it through all that carbonated nonsense and back to the written word ..congratulations! If you lived a little closer (or if you are close), come on over and enjoy a cookie with me! They certainly smell delicious.

PS I think I need an About Me page and I have no idea what to put in it. Do you folks have any burning questions about me that desperately need their own FAQ/ about page? Probably not but I keep wanting to ask other bloggers questions and I love when people have About Me pages so now I want one. Only problem? I have no idea what to put in it because when it boils right down to it I'm pretty sure I'm not that interesting. LOL!


Anonymous said...

You drank pop last night!!!!

Yvonne said...

You're right ..I totally forgot about that!!

Sarah Y. said...

I always think it's fun when an About Me page has a few random questions at the end like... "What would you do if you found out your best friend was actually a zombie in disguise?"

Haha, just throwing an idea out there!

P.S I'm always excited when I see your project ponies. (: