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August 30, 2011

Two-faced Tuesday [4]

-Before I start Two-faced Tuesday, I have an awesome announcement to make. Will anyone care as much as me? Probably not but I am supper pumped! Remember my posts about my lack of ability to win a LEM challenge? Well this week something amazing happened.

No. I didn't win. BUT ..I was chosen as a 'favorite'. Seriously when I saw this, my day was made. Poptart, I owe you buddy. You got me my very first blog photo acknowledgment! Okay. I'm done being excited about it ..on my blog at least ;D

So, it's another Tuesday& I have another photo of a 'stranger'. No, seriously. It is a person I didn't know before and know now. You might laugh when you see the photo though because I'm not sure if she should technically be able to count. Whenever you think I'm doing something wrong around here please remember it is my blog ;) I promise this kind of photo won't happen all the time but when I started snapping, she was just too sweet& beautiful to not use for today!

I think yes!

Shem may just be my most beautiful stranger yet! This was a completely impromptu little photo shoot after the horse whisperer (got some good shots). She was up on the round bale of hay in the evening sunlight& just loving her life! She could seriously be a child model. She made my job so easy. She kept handing me pieces of hay& waving at the horses. So, what do we need to know about this little girl?

Well her name is Ireland which, oddly, I really like. She is 14 months old and she pretty much seems like she is the easiest going baby in the entire world. Her toenails are painted purple& she loves horses. She has an older brother whose name is currently escaping my mind and he is almost as cute ;D I love her& am hoping she comes to the barn again eventually so we can hang out some more!

Although I promise I won't reuse her as a 100 Stranger ;) I'm trying super hard to be proactive in all my blogging attempts this week. For example ..I got my LEM 'animal' photo yesterday when working with the Haflingers! Which is SUPER far ahead of my usual time frame ;) Now the only way it will change will be if I end up with a better shot. I still have 0 of 5 for the scavenger hunt but whatever. I am trying and that's all that matters, right?!

Enjoy your Tuesday pretty people! It's shaping up to be a pretty great day here on this island from the looks of things.. I'm off to spend the day trying to capture some more photography challenge photos. If nothing else, this is good to get me expanding my horizons! Cannot ask for much more than that! PS has anyone joined me in my 100 Strangers project yet?! Come on folks, I'm on week 4! You're going to be miles behind if you don't start playing soon ;) It is actually kind of fun& really gets me out of my comfort zone. Which I hate but recognize that it is good for me to not be painfully shy.


Allison said...

sweet little one... nice pic!!

Yvonne said...

Thanks, momma :)

Anonymous said...

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