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August 29, 2011

Rock me like a hurricane

The hurricane has made it to my island, folks! It's windy but apparently also very mild out! On the agenda for today is going to watch a horse whisperer ..assuming he is still coming out in this weather! The wind is really starting to pick up. Crystal is out there brushing the horses and telling me none of them have blown away yet but I'm not sure I believe her!

I also decided to participate in the scavenger hunt photo challenge for next Sunday ..I have to get photos of 5 things. They are:

Feeling sort of lost for these except stairs& smile. I don't have a macro lens so it's going to only be a sort-of macro. I also don't know how to make clouds visually striking or have any concept of what 'macro' means. Should be an adventure. I have an entire week to try& find a photo for each topic though so I won't be too concerned ..yet. Saturday evening when I still have 0 of the photos will be another story. Trying to be proactive& prevent that! I will probably google them& see what others have done with them that cheating?

I'm so lost when it comes to blogging photography contests. To be less specific? I'm so lost when it comes to photography in general. Oh well. I'm hoping to get some really great action shots from this horse whisperer breaking these 3 horses to saddle today. All I can do is practice and hope that I either get better eventually or that if I don't get better, I also get over wanting to take photos. Here is a bottle of Jones soda.

What does that have to do with anything? Nothing really other than exemplifying that I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm still trying really hard& hoping I'm improving at least a little. So that is my post for the day photography dilemma. Now off to enjoy the hurricane winds!

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