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August 28, 2011

Road trip

The boyfriend& I did a road trip today& it was fabulous. We went to Hey Dad, GO KARTS!. We played Mini-putt& drove Go Karts. It was pretty sweet. I have some photos from it. He beat me at both events but in my defense, I have a bum shoulder so he had a serious advantage. He beat me by 9 at golf and lapped me 4 times in 11 laps with the go kart. No, seriously, remember my shoulder. Otherwise this much defeat so quickly would be devastating to my competitive ego.

The boyfriend won.
But I took the nice photo ;)

It was a sad day for my winning abilities. When you consider that even typing this blog post hurts my shoulder, I'd say I am a trooper. Most people would let searing pain slow them down ..wimps! We also stopped a spot where there's an old rock wall& trees and stuff. I don't really know how to describe it. I couldn't get down because of my shoulder, so I stayed up and let Garret take the camera down. That was brave of me but the boy did manage to get some photos. He told me not to put my watermark on them because he was going to put his own on (insert photo of me rolling my eyes here)! I did, however, edit them and as per his request left off my hpw.

Very cool, hey?
Wish I had of been able to go down!

So after that we kept driving until we got to the Bras d'Or look off, where we stopped to take a photo. If you google Seal Island Bridge (or just click those words, since I googled it for you! I'm so kind) then you'll see all kinds of photos. Why so many exist, I have no idea. I figured it was high time that I add my own photo of the bridge to the google hits though and so I took a photo. It basically looks like every other photo taken from that look off. It's not very unique. If you clicked the google link, how does my photo stack up?

My attempt.
Nothing too spectacular.

So then we drove to the next look off (why yes, there are a lot of places to view the wonderful Cape Breton) and decided to write on the guardrail! It started off that we were going to write both our names but we didn't come prepared. We only had a Sharpie that we found in the Jeep ..and it was dried out. Garret did manage to get his own name written before it died. So at least someone will know one half of us was there! I may have to go back later& add my name just so it doesn't seem like Garret traveled solo ;)

Where is Yvonne?
So sad it didn't make it on the rail.

So that is basically our day. Lots of things didn't get photographed because I was busy participating and losing. Grrr .. it's a good thing I have become better at losing over the years. It took a long time because I rarely lose! How did you guys spend your Sunday? Any gorgeous scenery shots from your cameras make it to your blogs today? Enjoy the last evening of the weekend& I hope none of you got hit too hard by Irene!


J Hodd said...

I love the pic Garret took! And yours too, of course ;o)

J Hodd said...

I love the pic Garret took! And yours too, of course ;o)

Yvonne said...

Hahaha Garret says thanks Jess :)