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August 07, 2011

Party animal

It's Saturday evening& I spent the entire night sitting in a yellow Sunfire with Crystal people-watching. It was delightful. It did, however, also remind me how much I'm 90 years old! There was a time that I would be out drunk& dancing until 4AM. Oh man .. I'm always curious as to how we did it. I don't need sleep so that part definitely is still doable for me. I am super excited for next weekend to attend a friends' wedding! Garret& I are planning on drinking& dancing like a glorious return to our youth (which is a much more distant memory for him)!

Us with way more hair.
We look about 16& 19 ahaha

It is actually really nice to be done with going out every weekend. Getting ready was exhausting. People expected me to dress nice& wear makeup. Ugh. Plus it was VERY expensive. For us to go to the bars from where I live was $40. These days it's $60. WOW. No thanks. If I'm going to spend $60 it's going to be on something way more fun than a cab ride. Although, I will admit I do still love an evening out on occasion ..I just can't imagine doing it nearly as much as I used to.

So now that I am not at the bars nearly as much, what do I spend my time doing? I think that is actually pretty obvious. Blogging, encouraging you all to like me on facebook, taking photos& hanging out people watching! Today I did all these things.

People watching was fabulous. Saw a lady who is having a baby for an almost-50 year old married man. Saw some guy raging out on steroids almost hit a girl. Then saw the police pull someone over for drugs& arrest them. What do you see in your town?! I bet it's not nearly as entertaining as mine! So now I know what you're thinking ..sort of.

I bet you're thinking 'Enough with the talking. I follow your blog because I want to see your photos'. Okay, okay. Today I hung out with my friends' baby at the barns. I held, fed& snuggled with her for about 3 hours. It was glorious. Then at the end I suggested that we take some photos. The babes was tired& not really wanting to cooperate (how can a 5wk old child not understand when I say 'give me your pretty face'?) but still managed to get some sweet baby shots! Here they are, but please, don't judge them TOO harshly. It was my first time trying to take baby photos& I don't think I did her justice.

Hanging with her horsie!
Obviously she will be a little cowgirl

Trying to stick her tongue out!
Such a cute little thing :)

I love this shot. 
Looks like she's trying to do monkey ears!

So very sweet.
My favorite shot.
I love black& white!

So that's how I spent my Saturday. How did you spend yours? Let me live vicariously through your lives! Also let me know what you think of my first attempt at photographing a new baby ..I think I did an average job with them. Now I'm off to curl up with my puppy& enjoy a long sleep!


Danelle said...

Cute baby shots! Baby photos are HARD, so no judging from me. :) Yours turned out great.

Allison said...

cute babe... old age has settled in... oh well not much to do now but go with it!

Anonymous said...

the baby photos turned out very precious!

Yvonne said...

Thanks guys! Glad to know they didn't turn out TOO awful :)