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August 05, 2011

Friday Snaps[2]

So. My momma has another Friday Snap up& since I copied her idea, I figured it was definitely time for me to get another one up as well! Before I could upload a photo for you guys though, I had one major problem.

What was I going to take a photo of?! It is rainy& cold here yet again so I considered raindrops. Then I realized I'd have to go outdoors to the rainy, cold world to get that shot so instead I opted to take a photo of something indoors. I openly admit my wimp status about bad weather. I hate it& it makes my joints sore. I'm aware I sound 90.

So .. last week my photo was an oldie but today my snap is hot off the press (or fresh off the film)! It doesn't have some kind of long story about how we meet& how much fun we have together. In fact, it doesn't have any story. It's a little red decoration that Mom said I should photograph when I was complaining to her about not having anything to take pictures of. So like the wise daughter that I am, I took her advice. It reminds me a lot of Christmas which I suppose is appropriate because let's be real - the weather here makes it seem like the start of November and Christmas events (what, you don't put at least one of your trees up in November?!).

So now that that's done, I can move on to other things on the agenda for today. The next thing on the list? Eat some left over supper from last night! Yum.


Allison said...

love that little ornament.. good foto!!

Anne U said...

Great color and shape.

Yvonne said...

Thanks Mom& Anne :)