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August 08, 2011

Wild beasts

- Newest post is up on Rounder! You guys should leave Sarah some comment love on her newest post and encourage her to keep writing her Monday posts :) I appreciate having horsey Mondays to keep with the theme here is a horsey Monday from me!

Spent about 2 hours yesterday sprinting around a horse field. I was chasing 4 cute but wild Haflingers. The man who owns them swears one of them is broke& that he rides her all the time. He tells me I can ride her& all the others if I want. I will ..if I can ever catch them! So at the end of hour one yesterday, I had successfully herded them and become the leader of the pack. I could rub them all over.

Why couldn't I catch them then, you ask? The minute they saw the halter or lead in my hands they took off faster than bats out of hell (where did that expression come from?). So because I am incredibly stubborn, I refused to give up until Crystal made me leave. So little ponies you may have won the battle but I'll win the war. For 2 reasons; I'm in better shape& have way more need to win than you guys.

So after chasing around wild beasts, we headed to our barn. Where we rode Dewey's owners new horse. He is such a sweet, sweet boy!

Colleen, Odins' owner& myself :)
Good thing Crystal always has her cell to capture these moments

He is such a calm horse. First time ever being ridden double and he did was turn his head to look at me! Can't ask for a better first time reaction than that .. I can't wait until I can purchase a very nicely put together Fjord& train him to be my little dressage pony. I love ponies. Odin is especially cute so I hope she keeps him seeing as he is the perfect horse for her.

So after that, the boyfriend& I headed to some fireworks. They were gorgeous but I didn't get any photos because I had a major headache& was very tired. Chasing wild beasts around is very hard work! We also ate ice cream. YUM! Thanks, boyfriend. So now I'm off to enjoy this rainy day at the barn ..tomorrow starts my new feature around here on HalfPastWonderful. If you like my blog on facebook you'll get a hint as to what it is! Isn't that exciting?!

For now, I leave you with a photo of a tree. I don't know why but I really like this shot. It was taken with the $2,000 lens, which I didn't play with this weekend. Hoping to get to use it again sooner rather than later! Keep your fingers crossed and enjoy your Monday!

Ahh ..sunshine& heat.
It was a glorious one day of summer we've had.


Jaimie said...

Aww I love Haffy's! So darn cute, where are the pics?

And Odin is such a cutie! I know Fjords all pretty much look alike but he is a dead ringer for Dommie, the big guy I used to ride at LAH! He was sooooo lovely until he went mental, poor guy, I think it was the stress of bein a therapy horse for over 5 years 24/7. I love your doubling pic :)

And lastly, decent lenses can make a HUGE difference to the quality of your images, always worth the investment. I like your leaves pic too :)

Happy Monday Yvonne!

Yvonne said...

Haflinger photos when they are all cleaned up& the rain stops!!

I love Fjords. And he went mental?! You'll have to fill me in on that!

I want a new lens so badly .. I'm going to get one eventually!!