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July 27, 2011

Changed tides.

Conversation occurred. It didn't go well. I tried really hard to make it go well but the second I started up the discussion I could tell I had already lost a battle. Allow me to recap some of the highlights of this.


First I told her that I was very upset that she had an issue with me and told 2 separate people about it instead of me. Her reply? That's why I want out of this bullshit business. People put words in your mouth.

Okay. So speak directly TO ME instead of ABOUT ME and things won't be exaggerated. I told her that. Then she told me she wasn't going to apologize to me. My reply? I didn't come here looking for an apology just to let you know next time you have an issue with me tell me first please.

She told me basically that I was useless unless it came to putting miles on a horse. That Dewey bucked off a rider who will remain nameless because she finally treated him like a horse. That I was certainly not the kind of rider to put training on a horse and everyone knew that. Dewey isn't worked hard when I ride him and basically I let him get away with everything. I didn't think at the time but I should have said to her 'Well, you taught me lessons for years. So who's fault is it that I don't know enough to be a useful rider again? Oh yeah. Yours.'

Then (oh yes, I'm still not done raging about this) she said that she was upset that morning when I stood there watching the mares out in the field and didn't bother opening the gate when she came down with a horse in each hand. Well. I couldn't help it. I told her I was offended when, the night before, she stood in her yard watching me with Dewey rearing& being riled up and just walked away. She told me she didn't have shoes on. I told her you didn't even need feet to ask me if I was alright.

Then she said the following and it flooered me: Yvonne, you know what I'd say to you or anyone who has a problem with me and how I run MY barn? Leave then. Walk out. My barn, my rules.

WOW. Nice to hear from a woman who I was very, very good to for 12 years. Nice to know she cares enough to try to understand my problem. So at this point I was so mad I thought I might cry. So I told her I don't have a horse there and I don't owe her a dime so I can walk out very easily. Then I did.

Can you tell how mad I still am?!


Faith McKay said...

Oh my gosh, you knew this woman for 12 years?

J Hodd said...

Ugh... what a shitty conversation. I have a hard time believing some peoples attitudes. Sorry that this incident probably coloured your whole day negative though...! Hope some kind of resolution is found for you.

Sarah Y. said...

That's it.

You're coming to my barn.
I have a spare bed.

Yvonne said...

Faith- yup. Insane, eh?

Jess- didn't let it ruin my day! Instead had a fabulous day to spite her.

Sarah- sounds wonderful to me :D