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July 28, 2011

New beginnings

Ahh changed relationship with the barn owner. We no longer have one. It's actually sort of nice because I no longer can even pretend to care about anything she does or says. I know me still being there just kills her on the inside so I'll continue to hang out there for hours. I just wanted my frustrations to be heard and I really feel like they weren't. Oh well.

So I spent today riding a little Fjord horse that came last night. The people took Dewey& I didn't even get to say goodbye! A little sad but I don't get super attached to horses anyway. Then I went to play with some Haflinger horses and I promiseee to have photos of these guys soon. They are completely awesome!

Completely random candy shot.
Has absolutely nothing to do with this post but I like it!

So then I stopped in at a Tim Hortons to hang out with my boyfriend for a bit. We used to be able to take the bike out together but since his custom bike only has 1 seat I have to follow him in my car in order to hang out with him ;) So much more incentive to learn to ride my bike! This weekend is Bike Fest on this island so I'm sure I'll have some interesting photos from it ..thinking I might just sit at Tim Hortons Saturday evening& take some shots of the people who show up. It would be such a fun project! Anyone ever try anything like this? I love the idea.. thinking maybe lots of black& white shots. I'm going to try really hard to overcome my shyness and do this. Wish me luck! Oh, and color or go with my gut of black& white?

After a quick hangout with the boyfriend I came home& Mom painted my fingernails. They are really cute and I am hoping they don't chip super fast like usual. Does anyone out there paint their nails? Any tips or tricks to making them last longer?! I usually only put 1 coat on and then get frustrated but I love when my mom paints my nails so they currently have like 5 coats on ahaha maybe that's enough right there to make them last a long time! Enjoy a lovely flower shot before scooting down below to leave some tips about photography& nail polish ;)

A rainy morning flower.
Killing time before heading to the barn this AM!


Danelle said...

I love a random candy shot! :)

J Hodd said...

I'm pretty much awful at painting nails, so no tips coming from me :(

Yvonne said...

Danielle- so glad I'm not the only one!

Jess- I suck at it as well ..hence why I make the momma bear do it ahah