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July 29, 2011

Friday snaps

So over on my mommas blog she is going to do something new! A 'Friday snaps' of sorts where she'll post a photo and a story to go with why she took it. Her first snap is up& blogged already so I figured I'd try it too! Only difference is that today I was lazy (story of my blog life, yes?) so instead I'm using an older photo!

My boyfriend& I!
I like this photo forever& always.

So I guess I have to include a story as to why my boyfriend is important to me right? Well let's see .. he buys me supper lots, puts up with me begging him to buy a puppy and even comes to play horse photographer on occasion! You can't ask for more than that.

He is also hilarious and between the two of us we've shared way too many laughs& coffee dates to ever count. He owns a motorcycle AND a Jeep so I think that means I date practically the coolest guy in the world.. plus he has a shaved head so he always look really badass even though he is (not so) secretly one of the nicest people ever! He can build and fix absolutely anything (thanks for all those oil changes) and is the best road trip partner I could ever ask for!

Sometimes I make him do things that he thinks are ridiculous (swimming in the pool at 9PM in the freezing cold rain) but persistence pays off and he usually gives in to my insistent pleading and has a good time. Or at least I have a good time ;) I like to think him dating me helps him broaden his horizons! Now if only I could get the guy on a horse .. or to buy me a puppy. I'd really settle for either one.

Don't think he is always perfect though! Yes he puts up with my bad hair in the morning and my constant need to consume ice cream in the summer months. He even tolerates my complaining about other people and encourages me in photography. So what are his flaws then? He has AWFUL taste in movies (action flicks 24/7 would be his dream come true), likes Kijiji more than any sane human (his brother wrote a song about it) and he sometimes makes me laugh so hard it hurts!

Yeah. I am pretty good to him to overlook those major flaws. I should be up for the 'best girlfriend' award. Did I mention I tolerate A LOT of motorcycle talk& even take photos of them for him?! I'm like his very own personal photographer, if only he'd get a puppy I'd be more than happy to photograph it alllll day ;)


Anonymous said...

Dating you deffinatly is the best perk of dating you. ;)

J Hodd said...