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July 01, 2011

Canada Day!

You are old now, Canada. 144 years! Looking pretty good for your age :)

Hope all my Canadian readers have a great day today!! Embrace the red& white of Canada .. I plan on it! Spending the evening cruising around on a motorcycle& watching fireworks with the boyfriend in a white shirt& red leather coat. Just call me the best Canadian ever. There won't be any photos of the event because motorcycles don't allow for purses& large dSLR cameras :(

Another great thing about today? All national parks& museums have free entry for the day! So cool. I am truly wishing I had of taken advantage of that. Instead I spent my morning at the barn& my afternoon getting showered (yes. I was that dirty)! Now I'm ready to rock and enjoy a glorious warm evening. Life is good.

I will see what I can do about getting some snapshots. I may take some photos with my cellphone those will be awesome& high quality! Enjoy your weekend ladies& gents :)

So pretty.
Wish I took it! Ahaha


Joyful Sparrow said...

Happy Canada day!! Maybe in a couple years I'll be living in Canada for Canada day too. :-D

Jaimie said...

You need a sweet back pack for your camera/bike.
I have this one in red,2087,14.htm and I think it is awesome, can fit my camera with battery extender grip, couple extra lenses, flash, rocket blower, my laptop and then snacks in the top along with all my other crap like wallet, phone, compact camera. It has the belt like fastener aswell so it fits snug and when I rode on the bike with it felt like nothing there cause it was nice and tight. You can do it!!
And Happy belated Canada Day to you :) I hope you have an awesome weekend, can't wait to see more pics and blog posts :D

Allison said...

hope fireworks were great, i couldn't get out of my own way to go and watch! xo