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July 05, 2011

Canada Day Weekend

Ahh .. glorious weekend! Lots of sunshine and heat. Hello, summer. How I've missed you in my life. You two things combined makes me a happy, happy girl :) Can't wait to enjoy this summer!

Look ..I took my own leaf photo!
Not quite as beautiful as the one I posted Friday aha

On Friday (Canada day), Garret& I headed to Baddeck on the motorcycle to enjoy the biggest firework display in eastern Nova Scotia. It was gorgeous and an awesome night. Stopped in at the Yellow Cello which I definitely recommend if you're ever in the area! Such good food. Because we were on the bike, I have no photos of the event. From now on I'm going to take Garret's advice& throw my camera in the backpack we have for it. I was sad I had to miss the chance to photograph the fireworks. Oh well .. I always say I'm going to bring my camera everywhere and then I don't. Someday I'll learn my lesson. Then Saturday I got called into Cogans ...which I'll write about later. Hilarious. I also worked Sunday morning. So then it was the afternoon. What an awesome day. We spent it eating out with Mom& Matt and then hitting up the drive in!

My delicious pre-drive in ice cream!
It was dinosaur bones .. so delicious in my belly ;D

So we got some treats& enjoyed Super 8 and Green Lantern. I slept through Green Lantern and the third movie was Bridesmaids which I desperately want to see. Sadly, I was too exhausted to sit through it. We drove home instead& halfway home a cop pulled us over saying Garret was swerving. Then we pointed out it was a Jeep and I think the cop felt like a tool because all he said was that he couldn't smell alcohol off us and to have a nice night. So odd.

Here is our ice cream together.
Much more pleasant than that jerk police officer!
PS my ice cream is much larger. Obviously the store clerk likes me more.

So that is my weekend. How did you spend your weekend? I'm assuming most of my readers are from Canada or the United States (based on stats) so I'm also assuming that most of you spent it enjoying some type of festivities .. fill me in ;D

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