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June 30, 2011

Editing photos

I love editing photos. I have no idea why but I was SO excited when I got photoshop back. I find it really relaxing cloning out imperfections or color correcting my attempts at photography. In the end, edited photos look about a zillion times better than the originals.

This is Dixie.
Crystal's equine child!

I don't know if that means I suck as a photographer or I'm just a super good editor ;) And based on how some of my photos end up coming out after being edited .. I'm thinking I'm just mediocre at both so when combined my photos look decent. I'd love to be a natural with my camera. Unfortunately, I am not.

A flower closeup!
Horse poop is good fertilizer :)

Someday, perhaps. I'll be a great little photographer and take cute photos of people's children and animals on the side. You never know, a person might as well dream big! I'll save all my funds from photography and stockpile them away for vacations& early retirement. Mmm ..retiring. I wonder who will be the lucky person in my life to grow old with me and enjoy warm beaches?

Probably this old guy.
I love my equine child so much!

My ultimate dream job would be as a photographer for National Geographic ..traveling the world to all kinds of amazing locations. Shooting all kinds of interesting people& places. Animals of every species. Ugh .. I can see it all now. My camera will cost more than my car and my photos will be everywhere and people will think 'I wish I had her job!' ahah I may be getting a little bit ahead of myself here. Then again, I do that often!

So, what is your dream job? I love hearing what other people would absolutely hands down do if they could have their pick of anything!


Joyful Sparrow said...

Those first two shots look great. The focus on the flower with the blurred, out of focus background is beautiful. And of course, so is Dixie.

My dream job would be to stay at home, be a mom, and a writer. Maybe a photographer on the side.

J Hodd said...

Children's book writer. And a yoga teacher.

stoppingfordaisies said...

Your pictures are great, what do you mean you're not a good photographer?! Hmm. If I could do anything. I'd work in a nursery part-time, taking care of babies. And maybe I'd photograph things (not people, more like nature, macros) on the side for extra cash. That'd be awesome.