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June 29, 2011

Today was ..

..eventful I think is a good word. Thankfully the sun was shining& I'm not the kind of girl to let events keep me down! My day started bright& early with a drive home from Sydney. I should have stopped in at the barns& let the horses out but it was only 7AM so I didn't bother. Instead I went right home to charge my cell& figure out how to lock it to prevent future random texting& calling.

Remember this bad boy?
Still can't figure out how to work it most days.

Why did it take me so long to bother locking it? I don't know. Used to not think much of having a phone lock until I realized that sometimes it would connect to the internet or load games& guess what folks? That nonsense costs me money. I was basically paying for my phone to browse the net. Weird concept, right? So I figured it out (but I did have to google it to figure it out ..) and now my phone is nice& locked from random texting, calling& web browsing.

So then I spent the rest of the day (which was gorgeous minus the fog) not doing anything. Sometimes being sloth-like is pleasant. I was going to figure out how to switch to Wordpress but I just feel like I'm here now& so is my blog and I probably can import it or something but like I'd ever be able to figure that out (unless it's super simple) so instead I will save it for a rainy day. Like all the rest of the week is going to be :)

I am so excited for Canada Day ..I have no idea why. I have no plans and no potential plans. I will probably go watch fireworks alone ahaha such a loser! Good thing I like myself as I do otherwise I might be sad that my Canada Day was consisting of such boring activities alone. Oh well. I am still cooler than most people ;) And I have photos of Dew& Dixie on my camera but they aren't uploaded yet so they aren't making it on the blog like I had originally planned. Sorry folks!

Instead I will leave you with a question -how are you spending your Canada Day / Independence Day weekend?!


stoppingfordaisies said...

Lol, glad you figured it out! I have an iphone and it locks automatically and sometimes that's annoying.

I... am going to visit my brother for the weekend. Nothing super exciting.

J Hodd said...

Well, since you asked, my plans are to go out to a local pub tonight with some people from work, and then maybe I will attend a parade tomorrow if I can get up and motivated in time... then Chris and I usually walk around the fair and play the occasional game and eat high calorie fair food. The only ride we go on though is the ferris wheel, because we both get horrible motion sickness. Then my favorite part - fireworks :)