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June 12, 2011

Sun on Sunday!

So today was the Fiddler's Run fun run! We woke up early .. put on our racing shoes and headed out for a morning of running, cheering and eating orange slices! Even the sunshine and heat came out& made an appearance for us today. THANKS SUNSHINE :D

Run was good ..did my 5k in 27:31 so it could have been better but seeing as I still have 30k to bike didn't push myself as hard as I probably could have. Some awesome news is that my good friend Meghan won our division (20-39) with a time of 24:21!! Go Meg .. you are AWESOME! We also baked last night ..delicious cookies& cake batter drops. Obviously we are becoming pro at this whole healthy treats thing :)

My other friend Tiff (who used to blog but doesn't anymore) ran her first ever road race today! Congrats on an awesome run and so excited for all the runs in the future!

My mom came& took photos so tomorrow I'll do a big post with the photos from this run+ the last 2 weekends worth of cookies and treats. For now .. I'm off to put on some sunscreen& enjoy some sunshine. I think I'm going to ride my motorcycle later this evening as well. Life is good here in the Cape. long as I pretend I'm not running a triathlon in 3weeks, Cabot Trail in 7weeks and a half-marathon in 3 months. Ignorance is bliss, right?! Enjoy your Sunday boys& girls :)

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Jessi said...

I'm so jealous you can enjoy the sun today! It's pretty cool you have a motorcycle.

Congrats on your run - that sounds pretty darn good to me!