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June 13, 2011


Wow! Thanks so much to all the folks who stop by this blog and read. So cool to know I've hit 10,000 views :D You guys ALL rock! I am crossing my fingers that you guys stick around for the long haul ..since I know I'm too addicted to my poor little blog to ever give it up. Although, with all the blogger issues lately it may be time to bite the bullet and move on over to wordpress! I know one thing - I really want my own domain.

Okay so I know I promised a less-lame post today but it's 7.20PM and I spent a good majority of my day waiting around for my car to get fixed& inspected before heading to the barns. Which means that I still have a 7k run to complete tonight! So far I've yet to miss a training day and in fact have actually exceeded my kilometres per week. I am so excited!

So .. I'll be back here around 11PM this evening after having run& showered to update my blog with photos of my baking adventures :) Until then ..enjoy this somewhat pointless post!

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stoppingfordaisies said...

Wow, that's awesome! Congrats!! :)