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June 11, 2011

Sunny Saturday!

Well apparently it's tough for me to post on Friday evenings ahah .. that's 2 weeks in a row I missed a Friday! So here is a quick update:

1. Ran 6k last night at a park on some trails. My poor rest day!
2. Running 8k today.
3. I just got all my hair cut off
4. I also got my camera back so later I'll post the photos of our mission to bake healthy snacks!
5. It's cold here (shocking, right?) but the sun is shining :D

Enjoy your Saturday, folks!
Oh before you go, enjoy something I thought of today while watching people work in groups:


stoppingfordaisies said...

Wow, things are definitely busy for you.. so much running. I wanna see the new hair!

J Hodd said...

I can totally relate to those thoughts on group work...

Where the new hair pics????????????????????