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June 09, 2011

Mechanical Bulls.

So all my life riding a mechanical bull was like a huge dream of mine. I live on a tiny island where I can't just go ride a bull. None exist (as far as I can tell) on this island. So instead I would just ignore my desire to try to ride one.

Last year, however, we went to a wedding at Hatfield Farms. It was a beautiful wedding and the whole thing was gorgeous. Even the supper was delicious and I'm super picky. So then after the supper, we all changed into jeans& sweaters (maybe you can tell why I thought this was the best wedding ever?) and proceeded to drink blue drinks. Okay, maybe that was just me but everyone drank something pretty much.

And then. Something amazing happened. They opened up some barns and inside one of them? A mechanical bull. It was an amazing thing. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I was bouncing with joy. Down side? It was extremely popular and there was a long wait to get on it. So I pretended I didn't want to because I didn't want all those people watching. So I languished around the fire .. paced in front of the barn waiting for the crowd to leave. I watched the bull destroy person after person.

Poor guy..

This guy couldn't quite last either ..

My boyfriend almost broke his neck ahaha

And then? I was pretty drunk. I got up on that bull. I got spun around and bucked and spun the other way. The girl controlling the bull had no mercy. None at all. In fact she mocked me. Until she couldn't get me off. That's right folks. I was the best mechanical bull rider that that woman has ever seen. I rode that bull about 8 times and drew a crowd. Did I care? Nope. They were in awe. It was like watching a star being born.

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