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May 25, 2011

Curly hair

Read my first post on curls!

So, when I listed 7 things about myself .. one of them was that I used to straighten my hair with a clothes iron. I realllly wish I could find a photo of this moment. I can't even find a google image of this. I think that means I'm officially stranger than I thought. Oh well.

This was the end result. I'd sleep on it so it looked more natural.
I was such a curl hater but I did totally rock the straight hair!

So .. if you read my first post (you should) then you'll understand that it's been a long time since I had this look. Now I follow a method called Curly Girl. It's pretty great. It all started with a book written by Lorraine Massey.. but that's awkward to put into conversation. 'I love your hair, what do you do to it?' 'Oh I curly girl it'. Yeah .. no. So I've taken to saying I'm simply embracing the curl! Aside from the awkward name, the actual method as far as I can tell is pure genius. Here I'm going to go over the basics you need to know for starting this whole ordeal without including any of the more complicated things (google it .. there's tons of information, I'm just not explaining it right now).

Me and the book!
And a strange photo edit that I hit on my phone by accident.
Sorry about that ..suck at using my smartphone still.

1. Cut out silicone and sulfate. I bet you don't even know why they are bad or how to find them in your hair products. I didn't either and I secretly think they are partially responsible for so many curly heads fighting genetics. Thankfully, instead of memorizing a huge list of 'no nos' ingredients wise, you can find lots of lists of Curly Girl approved products out there!

2. Do one last shampoo. Yup you heard me right, it's like the last supper. Use your regular shampoo for one final wash and then prepare to throw it (and all other unfriendly products) into the trash along with all your frustrations.

3. Only condition. From now on, you're a no shampoo using kinda folk. I know, it seems scary because if you don't use shampoo then how will you clean your hair?! Trust me, conditioner works just as well and your hair won't be greasy or dirty or anything else horrible you can dream up.

4. Throw away your brush. You DO NOT NEED to brush your hair. Buy yourself a wide tooth comb. Or use your fingers. The only time the comb or fingers should be near your head is when your hair has conditioner in it and is soaking wet.

5. Apply friendly products ONLY and apply them IN the shower while your hair is still dripping. At first I thought this was stupid advice but I tried it anyway. It wasn't stupid advice. After applying product, take an old cotton tshirt or microfiber towel and use that on your hair. NEVER use a regular towel, only cotton or microfiber. This alone will make an awesome difference in the amount of fuzz you have, aka little to none (even on humid, hot days).

 Here is a photo. 
Stolen from Wikihow.

6. After you've scrunched your hair with the microfiber or cotton, you can let your hair air dry (which is the best and really does result in the nicest curls) or you can blowdry with a diffuser. Either one works pretty well, and obviously a blowdryer wins if you're pinched for time.

Best diffuser ever!
Couldn't live without it.

7. Be patient. Some people see immediate results. Some people need a few weeks. Some even need a few months. Sometimes you may notice it seems to look a bit messier after starting this routine, but that's normal. It just means your hair has been treated particularly harshly and needs a week or so to recover (but it will get better, I promise!).

So now that you know the process .. want to see the results?! I bet you do least a little bit.

This is an old school photo of me and my favorite person from my town!
This is before I started Curly Girl.

This is shortly after starting it.
Much improvement already!

This photo always cracks me up. I look like a loser!
But it is a GREAT hair photo :D

Last one! One of the more recent photos of my hair.
So, that's enough photos of my face for the next year or 10.

Hope you enjoyed! If you have curly hair ..I hope you're now considering trying this, at the very least :) Or else I just spent a lot of time watching Buffy& writing a post that is going to waste.


Jessi said...

Wow, I think I will try these tips. Your hair looks so good curly...I'm wondering if mine is even capable of looking like that!

Mine's kind of like a poofball meets bird's nest. :(

stoppingfordaisies said...

Wow looks great!

J Hodd said...

Aghhh... I sooo want to do this, but I'm not sure I can commit to letting my bangs go curly!

Allison said...

this is the best thing... getting rid of shampoo... great post! xo

Yvonne said...

Jessi -It totally can! You saw my before right?!
SFD -Thanks :D
Momma -I agree! Good life decision that day!

J Hodd said...

Please tell me what products you use?

Allison said...

only thing i use is conditioner... suave naturals coconut for a cleanse... once or twice a week... rinse this out.... every day leave in conditioner is say yes to cucumbers.... leave lots of this in your hair... scrunch it in the shower... then tshirt it dry....

Yvonne said...

Whereas I don't use the coconut ... only Yes to Cucumbers with a curl enhancer AG Re:coil! That's it for me.

J Hodd said...

Do you buy the AG Re:coil at the hairdresser or at a retail store?

Yvonne said...

You can buy it at Chatters .. but we don't have a Chatters here so I usually purchase in bulk when I go to Halifax. Or, my hairdresser sells it and it's the same price as buying at Chatters. Only need a little bit lasts forever!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Great post! I definitely do some of these things, but have yet to get rid of shampooing. It's so hard to just let go! I've even heard of some using dry shampoo (it's a powder that soaks up the oiliness), but I'm also skeptical about it. Maybe one day I'll give it a try. Thanks for checking out my article on curly hair!