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May 26, 2011


I have lost you. Remember when I posted that I owned a Sigma 906? Well .. I don't anymore! I lost the part that attaches to my bicycle and actually keeps track of my distance& speed. This makes me sad. It also means I went for a 5k run today instead of a 30k ride. Ugh. Have to get back on my bike. It's been three days.

So this leaves me wondering this a sign from heaven? Do I buy a Garmin? My boyfriend said that the Sigma would cost $30 to replace. The Garmin, god bless it's soul, is a tad more expensive coming in at $250. Why, oh why am I not employed? I want this so badly. I know's expensive. But it measures SO MUCH MORE than the Sigma. I may as well keep dreaming, I'm not getting a Garmin!

Don't you find it even LOOKS beautiful?!

Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful out. My game plan? Bike to the barns (22k), ride, bike home(22k). A 44k bike ride+ some quality Dewey time. My legs have officially been given a fairly significant break from big rides and so I shouldn't be TOO drained for this. On the other hand, if I am mom will come pick me up. I think ..right, momma?!

Besides, it's not like I can afford gas at this point in my broke life if anyone is reading my blog and looking for a wicked awesome employee? I'm your girl. You'll note my blog contains near perfect grammar and witty humor. What more can you be looking for?! Although I suppose not being able to fill up my car is excellent incentive to cycle everywhere. Mostly I'm kidding ..things aren't that desperate yet (I found $10 in a pair of cropped Lulus while out running. Hello, jackpot!) but I'm getting close. Being unemployed would be great if I could just convince someone to pay for it. Oh, my life.

What else is new you ask? I have SO MUCH free time that I've taken to looking at expensive custom jewelry. I find it always really fun to want things when you have no money .. so while searching, I remembered that Halifax had a custom jewelry store. I found it! FireWorks Gallery. I started browsing when all of a sudden, I found the one thing that I may want more than a Garmin. Honest to goodness. I found the ring that looks like it was DESIGNED for me. Prepare to be stunned. Unless you like really fancy things which case you probably won't like this ring. Regardless, please comment* tell me what you think.

Is this not one the most beautiful rings you've ever seen?
I am almost 100% certain they designed it with me in mind.

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J Hodd said...

Love the ring! Great colour.

stoppingfordaisies said...

That Garmin DOES look beautiful! And lol at least you get to cycle places. I can't afford to fill up my gas tank but can't cycle around town.. not that I have a bike...

Adn that ring is pretty, I like the blue but I don't think it's completely my style.