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March 27, 2011

Sunday adventures ..

Today was a day that was filled with many adventures! I will break them down into little stories for you guys ..I may even save a few work stories for later dates, seeing as I know you'll all be going through Cogan's story withdrawals!

Dreams& Wake Up Calls
So, this morning I was all snuggled up in my bed. I was warm and comfy and having the strangest dream. Myself and my husband, Jon Cryer (you know, the guy from Two& A Half Men who ISN'T Charlie Sheen) were in a cooking class with a world famous chef. I had married Mr. Cryer in a secret ceremony while still dating Garret (who was calling me while we were in the class) and this was his attempt to domesticate me. The chef asked a question to which, for reasons I do not know, I knew the answer! GO ME! Except the reward for getting the question right was that the chef left the class in my hands. Literally. He walked out. So, I started everyone on their meals. We were making mashed potatoes in kitchen sink water and using link fence pieces to mash it. All incredibly bizarre, correct? It gets stranger.

So, I'm walking around the room and becoming increasingly more panicked because I have absolutely no idea what the hell I'm doing. All of sudden, Meghan and her dad were there. Being the life saver that she is, she had her laptop with her and I was suddenly able to find a recipe to guide me. I used my favorite recipe place, Skinny Taste, and suddenly I was good to go. I asked Meg to make a special recipe, which I thought of all on my own, called Orange Julius Carrot Soup.
It was MASSIVE amounts of carrots and one large Orange Julius pineapple / orange smoothie. I can well imagine it would have tasted disgusting, except that as her dad was putting it on the stove top, my father came downstairs and woke me up. I blame the fact that I was actively in REM sleep as to why I can remember that dream in such vivid detail!!
*Side note, check out Skinny Taste. Incredibly awesome and, from the few I've tried, fairly simple, delicious and nutritious!

Why, you ask, was my dad waking me up? Oh, it was 8.45AM and I had to be at work in 5 minutes. It takes longer than 5 minutes to drive there. Oops. So I scrambled out of my warm sheets and out of my comfy PJs, brushed my teeth (barely) and managed to make it to the store by 8.59AM. It was opened for business at 9.02AM. Don't say I'm not efficient. Last morning shift ever and I almost missed it ...leave it to me! Oh well, Dad got me tea& a chocolate chip muffin so really .. it was still a pretty awesome start to my day :) We also had our first ice creams of the year at Lick-A-Treat (less scandalously named sibling of the Lick-A-Chick)! I got a chocolate twist in a dish with sprinkles and really wished I had my camera because it was just SO pretty! I love my dad always, but especially when he's taking me for an ice cream!

Truck Adventures
So, then when we got home I got a mysterious text from Karli that read 'Hey whats up? Want to join me on a random drive somewhere?'. Direct quote. Being the adventurous soul that I am, I agreed no further questions asked! We were headed on a cold, long trip to Lobster Galley where Tyler and his friends had broken down on their way back home from the Cabot Trail :( Long story short .. Karli had her alpaca mittens but BONUS! She also had seal skin mittens! My hands have officially worn more types of skin& fur than any other body part. Tyler, being the sweet fella that he is, treated Karli& myself to Pizza Delight. It was delicious, thanks again Tyler! Seems like a short adventure when I type it out on my blog, but in reality it was 4hours and the end result? The truck wasn't fixed, it was still cold, the boys had to get the truck towed and Tyler was out a lot of money! So, it was not a very productive day for him but it ended on 2 positive notes:
1. The boys are getting massive amounts of pizza (with kitty cat faces on them!)
2. They got to ride in the truck which was on the tow truck (I don't know how this can be anything less than awesome)!

So, this post is becoming quite long! My day that was supposed to be ho-hum turned into something much better and more funny! So now, I am supposed to leave you with a photo of the day. Although I DID give you a photo of the day yesterday AND an entire set of puppy dog shots. I play by the rules though, and the rules state that I still owe you guys a photo for this day! So, I am going back to the lightbox. In the lightbox, you will see something very pretty. However, the photo is not yet taken I will be back later this evening with the second edition of my post& a photo! So, until then, enjoy my artist selection for today.

My artist is named Keith Mullins and is Garret's brother! He is talented, owns a farm in Halifax and is generally a great guy with some really cute kids :) I tried to find a better video of him, but all I have is a video from his CD release party. I was there was awesome. Hope you enjoy this video .. this song is awesome!

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J Hodd said...

Jealous that you got to have ice cream from the Lick-a-Treat :(

Allison said...

lol...too cold for ice cream still!

Yvonne said...

It was delicious Jess :)

Mom -it's never too cold for ice cream when you're eating it in the comfort of your heated car :)