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March 26, 2011

Unforseen circumstances

I promised photos of the blog prize. I will not be delivering on that promise tonight. I have completed the autograph part of my prize .. the photo part is dependent on the winner .. the secret& Lick-A-Chick article of clothing have yet to be picked up.

Why, you ask? Well .. the last 2 parts of that were supposed to be picked up before work. Circumstances changed, however, and being the sweet co-worker I am I went into work 30 minutes early for Caelyn, thus preventing my chance to achieve my promise. Isn't the lack of actually SEEING what you're all vying for really building anticipation?!

So, before I give you details+ photos of my awesome adventure today, I will complain about something at work. Certainly not the work I do at work, because I spent most of today photoshopping photos& reading about celebrities that I don't care about. Getting paid for that is basically the most awesome deal ever.
This is about people who talk on their cell phones while interacting with me. It's SO FREAKING RUDE. Ask the person your talking to hold on while you purchase your things or DON'T PURCHASE THEM. Ugh.
If someone is that important that you can't ask them to hold, then perhaps you shouldn't be buying your smokes, lottery tickets and junk food while trying to converse with them?! And if they aren't that important, perhaps you could employ some courtesy& etiquette and behave appropriately. I AM important, I DO deserve your attention& I AM judging you. Oh, and even blogging about you. You know who you, snotty 'Too-good-for-you' jerkface.

Okay, so now! In order to make up for my complete lack of delivering on my first promise .. I have some awesome shots from my adventure today with Barry& Zac! I mean, some of these came out awesome. I'll post a few of my favorites here and a link to the rest of them on my photobucket. I'm going to work on getting some kind of slide show embedded into my posts, but for now ..clicking into my photobucket will have to work. Or else, you could not click and just not see them. Trust me though, these are worth seeing! Hope Chelsea likes them :)

We fought through the bitter cold, wind and the "unwilling to stay completely still& cooperate with us" puppy, aka the star of the show! He's pretty handsome .. so I will forgive him! Plus, I dressed weather appropriate and it was really only my hands& face that nearly got frostbite. Barry was in just a sweater and I'm sure close to hypothermia by the time we finished! So, here is a snapshot of the results. I will let the photos speak for themselves :)

And, before you go ..don't forget to enter my blog contest! The more people that enter, the funner it will be for me. And this is my blog, so let's make my wishes come true! It will take you 1 minute TOPS to comment and enter :)


Barry said...

these are AWESOME! great job!!!

J Hodd said...

Great photos, you should start charging and become a professional :)

Jaimie said...

I LOVE dobbies :) Great pics!

Brittany said...

the newest pics are awesome!