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March 26, 2011


It's officially my very last weekend of work! I have to make it through three more shifts (hello, extra Monday shift!) and then no more corner store :) So my posts will have to start being about something else ..perhaps all the things I can do now that I have time to myself on weekends?!

I couldn't sleep last night and was wide awake by 7.30AM this morning! So far I've thought about making pancakes, watched a ghost story, lamented over the snow on the ground& enjoyed the early morning sunshine coming through the windows! In reality, it's absolutely beautiful out as long you don't actually GO outside. Oh, the main thing I've done though is look up some information on blog contests. Including trying to find a good idea for a prize for mine. Every site keeps saying to 'include prizes that are relevant to your blog' which my only thought is 'My blog is about me. My work, my day, my dog ..hey, wait. Can I give my dog away as my prize?! Naw, shipping rates would be too high.' and then invariably I'm at a loss again. When you consider that the only comment so far is from my mother, I figure there's lots of reasons to come up with something spectacular -namely to encourage others to get involved. So, I have been busy thinking of something spectacular and amazing.
I looked up some things other blogs had offered and realized I am WAY out of my league. Blogs are offering thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Sorry, folks. Until someone starts donating things to me, you're winning something way crappier. I keep slogging through sites, hoping something would both peak my interest and be doable.

And I was still drawing blanks. Then, I had a brilliant idea. Now, I don't have the actual prize in my hand yet you're going to have wait for a photo but it will be arriving on this blog after work tonight.

Grand Prize Includes:
1. My autograph (I mean, the tips DO say to have a relevant prize. And this blog IS all about me!)
2. A print of your favorite photo from my website (just pretend this is really exciting)
3. A visor / hat / shirt from Lick-A-Chick (because, really. Who DOESN'T want this?!)
4. A surprise (it wouldn't be nearly as fun if you knew exactly what you were winning. Plus my blog is all about keeping you guessing ..sort of?)

So, now that you know what's going to be the grand prize .. you're probably slightly disappointed and less motivated to enter than you were a few minutes ago, but you definitely should! I am truly looking forward to this, so don't let me down blog readers!!
Simply click here to leave a comment on this post& you're entered!

Alright, all that's left are some photo of the days, 2 to be exact. Then I have to workout (so excited that I'm finally feeling better. Sleep is clearly the cure to all life's ailments), make lunch, gather things for the blog prize and go to work. Where I will watch Big Bang Theory season 3! Ahh .. this is shaping up to be a good day, assuming that work doesn't suck a lot. Which is always highly likely. Look at me, being all optimistic!

So, here is my photo for yesterday :) Some cookies that I snacked on ..they were delicious and I didn't eat all 4 ...or at least, if I say that that means the calories don't count right?! Oh well .. they were pretty good and until I go shopping for some healthier choices, they were my only option! Hope this photo captures how good they were!

So now .. it's 10.20AM and my photo for the day is already done! Wow ..go me! I am on fire this AM. I really, really needed a few nights of honest good sleep and now that I've gotten it I feel WAY more like me. So glad. So, my photo for today is a photo of a painting with a sweet saying. Props to Mom for owning things that are cool to take photos of!

Enjoy your Saturday, folks! Enter my contest and check back this evening for an update including the photo of the goods :) Stay fabulous, ladies& gents!

**Since writing this post, I have my SECOND entry into my blog competition! Wow ..GO ME :D Keep on entering folks .. let's make this be awesome!


J Hodd said...

Are the cookies you ate really those colours, or is that just the magic of photoshop???

Also, speaking of the Lick-a-Chick, mainlanders are frequently mystified by this when I tell them about it. My girlfriends and I drove by the Lick-a-Chick/Treat during our roadtrip to CBU, and they were actually a bit disturbed by the name, I think LOL.

J Hodd said...

Oh yeah, and my desktop backgrounds have been various photos of yours for the past 3 weeks. Flattered?

Yvonne said...

The cookies are most definitely photoshopped! Although, if Mr. Christie made his cookies with that much color, I wouldn't even feel guilty eating them! I love colored foods <3

Hahahaha I can well imagine being disturbed. A lesbian comedian did a skit about Lick-A-Chick being their mecca or something. It has slightly disturbed even me since hearing that!!

Also, I am veryyy flattered :D

*~t!ff~* said...

i have done EVERYTHING you wanted to enter the contest including learning how to link... so i should obviously win <3 u!!