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May 17, 2012


I got home late last night. I curled up with my boyfriend& dog, exhausted. As soon as I closed my eyes? I was wide awake. Awesome.

In Halifax, I bought a giant 5-in-1 reflector. Then I bought a book called What Alice Forgot. It was a fabulous book, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good read! I took some photos in the Halifax Public Gardens. I took a hot yoga class from Moksha. It was hot. It was delightful. I'd be hooked if it were closer. I almost sponsored a child from Peru or some place, but managed to get out of it before I was giving $37/ month to a foreign country. He kept telling me it was less than my cup of coffee a day ..I don't even drink coffee.

I had a supper date with a friend who blogs over here on Tuesday evening. It was nice to catch up! Then I had a supper date with my cousin Jessica on Wednesday evening. In between there, I shopped. I got my dog a new leash& collar. I got a baby gift for a friend. I attended a doctor's appointment. I saw a lady curse out a medical receptionist. It was interesting.

Garret loves my dog. They are constantly snuggled into each other. My dog is so not loyal. I used to be his favorite. I am almost positive he likes Garret more these days. Whatever, Squirt. I haven't been back to the studio to edit photos from the trip yet& the only ones I took were from the Gardens. I should have taken more. Oops. For now, enjoy a photo from a sunset session the other week :) I am off to get lots of sleep.


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