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May 14, 2012

Adventure ahead..

Tomorrow I'm making the trek to Halifax. I have an appointment in the big city bright& early Wednesday morning. I am excited to spend tomorrow& the next day hanging out in a real city but I dread spending the evening alone in a hotel. I am going on the search for a gorgeous new camera bag (I think I've earned that simple life joy) and I just booked a spot in a hot yoga class tomorrow at 4PM right up the road from my hotel. I'm so excited for that. How cool is technology?!

I'm sure tomorrow at 4:45PM, I'll be thinking I was really stupid for booking it but, hey! I like the heat so it should be alright. Plus, I'm driving up in my lulu pants so I'll already be half-dressed for the class. Now to remember to pack everything for myself AND pack everything for Squirt's sleepover with Garret. Yes, I am leaving my dog with my boyfriend. I sincerely hope they both survive their evening together. I am also hoping for semi-regular updates& a funny photo of them together (I hope you're reading this, Garret)!

Okay, I am 0% packed, so I guess now would be a good time to start towards that goal. It would also probably be a good decision to head to the bank to deposit a cheque& fill up my gas tank. Guess what? There's a Lakers game in 15 minutes which means none of that will be occurring until the morning. Truly tragic. In the meantime, enjoy this gorgeous photo of one of the girls I shot yesterday!

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