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May 18, 2012

Blue bird?

So on my trip to Halifax, I decided I would stop in to visit Dewey the horse in Antigonish. I made it about 5k from the barn& the whole road was barricaded shut. Okayyyy.. waste of a trip. Change my destination from the barn to Halifax on the GPS. GPS tells me where to go ..down a dirt road? Suddenly, I am nervous& I fight with the woman GPS voice because I am convinced she is wrong. She is, however, a computer so was impervious to my attempts of reason. She would not stop telling me turn around so I gave in& took the dirt road.

While driving down this random, long forgotten road, there was a lake. It was a nice lake but even better?! It had some kind of blue bird just chillin' in it. I was so excited. A chance to photograph wildlife. HOW FUN. I attached my zoom lens, hopped out of the car& proceeded to snap some photos of him. I think he was a crane, but don't quote me on it. I'm not really up to speed with the kinds of birds. I tell everyone about my lucky find. I never have my camera on me when wildlife are around or if I do, I have a portrait lens on& by the time I make the switch, the wildlife has fled the scene. Here's my photo of the blue bird-

Does anyone notice anything peculiar about the photo? I wouldn't have at all except my Photoshop accidentally zoomed into the photo. The bird is an imposter. He's a fake. My excitement over capturing some real wildlife is gone. The trip down the long dirt road now has 0 bright spots.

I even missed the only places off the highway with fast food& almost died of starvation thanks to that road. Time for a map update, GPS.

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